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January 1, President Biden Spontaneously Picks A Flower For First Lady



Happy Friday America,

A short clip of President Joe Biden picking a flower for first lady Jill Biden has gone viral. The sweet video was taken while Joe and Jill were walking from the White House lawn to board Marine One. Married for nearly 44 years and they’re still in love. Of course, internet users compared it to Donald and Melania Trump’s affections towards each other.

Michael Cohen, former Trump lawyer, believes that Rudy Giuliani, will eventually turn on the former president. Federal agents have raided Giuliani’s Manhattan residence and office on Wednesday, taking possession of his electronic devices. Cohen predicts Giuliani will flip on Trump.

US police officers are facing waves of threats and violence following a series of fatal arrests. Anti-police groups launched violent attacks on officers, patrol cars and even police dogs. The latest victim was a Delaware police officer who was beaten to death this week. Please let’s be calm and think that there are still good cops out there.

What’s the biggest risk factor for developing severe COVID symptoms or dying from it? Experts say age, a weaker immune system and comorbidity. Also playing a role is your ethnicity, gender and weight. We can’t do anything with most of these risk factors but we can reverse obesity. It’s for your health. Adapting a healthy lifestyle can save your life.

It’s on, Elon Musk. Blue Origin, the aerospace company owned by Jeff Bezos, announced that it will soon start selling tickets for joy rides into space aboard its New Shepard rocket. The company did not mention how much tickets will cost but mentioned additional details will be given on May 5 to those who sign up on its website.

The LAPD has arrested and charged five people for their alleged roles in the shooting of Lady Gaga’s dog walker and subsequent theft of her dogs. The woman who said she found the two French bulldogs and returned them in hopes of collecting a $500,000 reward that the singer promised was also taken into custody.

Have a wonderful day,

Fraser Dixon


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bill

    April 30, 2021 at 2:20 pm

    Who cares? So, out of all of his moments he does something nice while he is screwing the rest of the country and the media tries to make a big deal over it (and not talking about his destructive policies or how he is continuing the o-abysmal’s terrible policies). No wonder everyone hates the media these days.

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