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January 1, ATM Eats $1000 Cash Deposit: Ex-Bank Employee Warns of Banking Danger



Automated banking kiosks, such as ATMs, are meant to streamline the customer experience, but technical mishaps can still occur. A former Chase employee warned against depositing cash at an ATM after a TikToker named Charity Harris claimed her bank’s ATM ate her $1,000 cash deposit.

Harris shared her experience on TikTok, saying she visited a drive-up Bank of America ATM to deposit $1,000 in cash for rent. After following the usual prompts and inserting the cash, the machine suddenly went dark. “The screen goes black,” she said.


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She checked her mobile banking app to see if the deposit had gone through, but the $1,000 wasn’t in her account. After calling Bank of America’s helpline and going inside the bank for assistance, she was told they’d have to review security footage and it might take 10 days to resolve the issue.

Many TikTok users commented on Harris’s video, sharing similar experiences with other major banks, including Chase, PNC, Wells Fargo, and Capital One. The former Chase employee offered advice in the comments, saying: “I used to work @ a chase & this would randomly happen to customers! to this day i still never deposit cash @ an atm”.

Some users suggested that Harris file a complaint with the FCC or the Better Business Bureau to expedite the resolution of her case.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steven

    April 26, 2024 at 9:19 pm

    As someone that balances ATMs, I am confident the bank COULD resolve the issue in no more than 2 days if they wanted to do so.

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