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January 1, Fourth Circuit Blocks Act, Transgender Athletes Secure Win in Women’s Sports



The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals dealt a setback to supporters of fair competition in women’s sports. They blocked a law preventing biological men from participating in female athletic events.

The Save Women’s Sports Act, or H.B. 3293, passed in West Virginia in 2021. It required public schools and universities to ban “students of the male sex where selection for such teams is based upon competitive skill or the activity involved is a contact sport” from competing in women’s sports. The court, however, ruled 2 to 1 that the law violated Title IX, which prohibits schools from engaging in sex-based discrimination.

The decision is a significant win for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They filed a lawsuit against the legislation in May 2021 on behalf of 11-year-old Becky Pepper-Jackson, a biological male identifying as transgender. In 2023, the court granted an emergency temporary injunction to prevent the school from removing Pepper-Jackson from the girls’ track team. The Supreme Court declined to overturn the temporary injunction in April of the same year.

The court’s decision states that West Virginia’s law discriminates against Pepper-Jackson by definition. It excludes “transgender girls from the definition of ‘female.'”

Currently, 24 states have enacted bans on biological males participating in women’s and girls’ sports. This recent ruling raises questions about the future of such laws.

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  1. Larry

    April 22, 2024 at 6:18 am

    The biggest issue here is not transgenderism per se. It’s that q government agency is rewriting legislation. Congress never made a law on this. The law never mentioned transgenderism and only Congress can make laws.

    • brightfame63

      April 22, 2024 at 12:05 pm

      State legislatures can make laws, Larry.

  2. Roger

    April 22, 2024 at 6:21 am

    If a person is born a male, they will die a male. Nothing between birth and death will/can changed that fact. Same goes with females. The democratic courts need to stop play God with the sex of humans.

  3. Jerry Manning

    April 22, 2024 at 6:26 am


  4. Paul Freese

    April 22, 2024 at 6:42 am

    I believe that biological women should “just say No” and walk away from any competition that includes a biological male competing in women’s sports! This madness would stop pretty quick once the women sports take this hard stance. Until they do, this crap will continue. Start voting appropriately and we can root out these woke judges and bring honor back to our courts and out Country. We are the laughing stock of the world

    • Roger

      April 22, 2024 at 11:30 am

      Absolutely Agree with you!! Money talks and when womens sports stops making money, they will have to cave to the normal idea of “Real WOMEN ONLY”

  5. john

    April 22, 2024 at 8:02 am

    If you can’t get pregnant and carry a baby, you are not a woman. End of story.

  6. Robert Marshall

    April 22, 2024 at 8:46 am

    If that is going to happen, then the girls should stand up and make a statement. All girls resign and quit sports altogether. That will make everyone open their eyes and realize how serious girls are about keeping boys out of girls sports programs.

  7. Bob

    April 22, 2024 at 8:59 am

    Thw writing is on the wall. We need to educate the uninformed what the elitists are up to. We need to win the next election, Presiden, Senate and House, to eradicate the harm this current administration and their cronies have done to America. We then need to make those responsible accountable. Simple solution, let’s get to work.

  8. Rick

    April 22, 2024 at 9:28 am

    I foresee the days of “Rough men” beating the crap out of confused men Returning en-mass.

    so their women-folk will be safe again in schools, restrooms, and gymnasiums, from sick, confused “benny-boi’s”

  9. Jerry DuPree

    April 22, 2024 at 10:23 am

    Sick, when will these woke judges learn that they can not rewrite the law.

  10. Taxpayer

    April 22, 2024 at 10:48 am

    If you are a male and want to play on female teams GROW SOME TITES and CUT OF YOUR WENNIES!

  11. chief1937

    April 22, 2024 at 10:53 am

    Common sense tells you biological males usually have more body strength than females. God made them that way and he only created two sexes male and female. Man came up with this third opinion which makes no sense. When did man become smarter than the Creator Himself? We are treading on very thin ice with this madness. If one is going to insist on this third sex as normal our sports should no longer be classified as men’s and Women’s but simply sports period and see how that plays out.

  12. Randy Rockwell

    April 22, 2024 at 11:05 am

    At one time there were no girls’ sports. Then there were, and it turned out to be a great thing. Now we seem to have another gender, transgender, though it’s not a word found in the Bible. Yes, I mentioned Bible, the book our forefathers leaned heavily on to craft our Constitution. So, if this new gender wants to participate in sports let them compete amongst themselves!

    • Hull

      April 22, 2024 at 12:45 pm


  13. Weasler

    April 22, 2024 at 11:16 am

    Still fighting for the freak shows, eh?

  14. W. Layer

    April 22, 2024 at 11:41 am

    Insane. The court denies scientific fact that DNA cannot be changed.

  15. brightfame63

    April 22, 2024 at 12:11 pm

    The kid hasn’t had no transforming surgery. “identifying as” is the key focus here. Now it’s the courts that are the one’s discriminating against women simply because of the kid has the mindset that he’s girl.

  16. Johnny

    April 22, 2024 at 3:04 pm

    Why is it that it’s men claiming to be women and merely a couple of cases, if that, where women claim to be men?
    So true that this country has become,and in a blink, the laughing stock of the world!

  17. Curtis

    April 22, 2024 at 3:15 pm

    The courts are punting this down the street. Congress should make a definitive law about separation of XX and XY athletes at all levels. And as suggested, females should simply refuse, as some are starting to do, to play against teams with XY females. It would correct a lot of this insanity as this should be an easy decision for any reasonable person.

  18. Nelson Belmont

    April 22, 2024 at 3:46 pm


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