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Wyatt Porter

Head Writer/Editor-in-Chief

There’s not much to say about me other than I’m a simple man who wishes to live in a simpler America. 

You won’t catch me on social media; so don’t bother looking. I’d rather spend my nights under the glow of the stars than the glow of a computer screen.

The little town where I live is a part of what is referred to as a flyover state. A term made up by people who live in big cities, with even bigger egos. 

I don’t think those city folk will ever understand what makes America the greatest country on Earth. How could they? It ain’t the skyscrapers, it ain’t the fancy clothes  and it sure as hell ain’t the sports car in their garage. No sir, it’s not that.

America is the dirt a man finds underneath his fingernails after a long day’s work. It’s the feeling of pride that comes from making something out of nothing. It’s the sweat, the tears, and the blood that fertilized the soil of this land to grow a crop called freedom. 

A crop that was planted long ago when a few brave men dared to tell a king to stick his crown where the sun don’t shine. America is a mindset. A mindset that says “I will not be ruled.” We are free by the hand of the almighty and there isn’t a man on Earth that’ll take that freedom away from us; be that a king, or corrupt politicians in fancy suits.  

A lot of people forgot what the American spirit is, but I haven’t. I want to write to any man or woman in this country that hasn’t forgotten it either.  If you want straight unbiased news, good luck finding it. Sure as hell won’t get it here. But I promise you I’ll always tell it like I see it. If you want to hear it like it is; then welcome, if not… don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

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