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January 1, Tech Mogul & Spouse Gone in Tragic Snowstorm Crash



A tragic plane crash during a snowstorm in California has claimed the lives of two passengers. Truckee Tahoe Airport released a statement confirming the fatalities.

“There are two known fatalities. It is not known yet how many people were onboard.” Various emergency teams responded to the scene. These included Truckee Police, Truckee Fire, Nevada County Sheriff, Nevada County Coroner, and Truckee Tahoe Airport staff.

The victims have been identified by Israeli news outlets as tech entrepreneur Liron Petrushka and his wife, Naomi. The couple had been living in California for several years and leave behind four children.

Liron was known for his previous involvement in soccer and played for the Hapoel Ramat Gan Givatayim team. Their son Jordan has also represented Israel on the junior soccer team.

Einav Hazenvald, team chairman, paid tribute to the couple. “The club bows its head for the death of Liron Petrushka and his wife. Liron grew up in the club from the age of 10 and passed through all the teams in the club, including the adults’ team. He played with me in the youth team, where we won the national championship, as well as in the adult team.”

Local resident Susan Bower recalled the moments before the crash. She told KCRA, “I heard this airplane but very close right over the house and I was like, ‘Gosh that sounds awfully close.’ Seconds later, I could hear a big thud. I knew it went down.”

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