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January 1, Death of the U.S. Dollar in 2024?



Is This The End for the U.S. Dollar?

There is some shocking news that has flown under the radar and you must get this information so you can make the right decisions for yourself and your family in 2024.

It has been reported that…

Russia and Iran are officially ditching the U.S. dollar and trading in their local currencies.

Russia has said it will not be accepting the U.S. dollar for trade but instead will use Chinese and Emirati currencies.

This could be very bad news for the dollar’s reserve currency status, and could potentially spread to other countries and spark the beginning of the end for the U.S. dollar.

On top of this shocking news, we have now hit $34 Trillion in national debt, and we’ll reach $35 Trillion quicker than you might imagine.

It’s no wonder there have been so many bold predictions coming out about the US economy, like this one from Fox Business…

“US economist predicts 2024 will bring the ‘biggest crash of our lifetime.’

Is it time you take steps to find out how to protect yourself?

Follow the thousands of other concerned Americans who are taking the steps to learn how to safeguard their retirement savings.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Frank RUPEKA

    June 27, 2024 at 12:42 pm

    Simply hard to believe!! Tricky Dicky , two fingers up < says he is no LIAR. AT the time apparently TRUE !! PAPPER Money ! $$$ DID not need any GOLD or anything of momentary VALUE !! Just print Monopoly Pretend MONEY !! It seems for some reason COUNTRYS and every day PEOPLE ??? Do not Like the GAME anymore. I Will say on a ABSOLUTE FACT !!! Back WWII The German FAKE or FRANK ?? Was being valued 3 times a day ?? It really started FLYING HIGH when Kids started making Kites to have some sort of USE other than FIRE WOOD ??? MY major worry!!! Will it even FLY?? I have tried BURNING a DOLLAR BILL once !! RESOLTE !!! WE ARE ALL GOING TO FREEZ OUR A—S OFF GOD BLESS JOE !! He says taking immigrants ( 'in ")make us RICHER. Pluss our economy is Better Than EVER. I believe in the GOLDIN RULE in the BIBLE !!!! GIVE UNTO THE NEEDY !!! PLEASE JOE !!! SHARE ALL THIS WHEALTH !! !!GIVE immigrants TOO UKRANE/ PALASTINE / IS-R-I-AL/ Africa/ Russia/ Share make PIECE not WAR !! EXCEPTION China They HAVE more money than any one Else !!! mostly OUR's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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