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January 1, Celebrity Reveals Family’s Escape from LA: How Safety Concerns Led to Relocation



“Full House” actress Candace Cameron Bure recently opened up about her family’s decision to move out of Los Angeles. In an interview with Fox News Digital, the 48-year-old actress revealed, “We didn’t feel safe anymore. And that was the biggest reason that we moved.”

Bure mentioned that her family did not live behind guarded gates. They had experienced “quite a few problems” with fans trespassing on their property and invading their privacy. “It’s amazing what people feel they can do,” she said.

The former child star confirmed the move in an Instagram post in March. She explained, “Why?’ Mostly for security reasons. Also, family dynamics have changed. The kids don’t live in Los Angeles anymore. Mama will go where they go! I travel a lot. The seasons of life.”

Despite various rumors, Bure clarified that they did not move to Nashville or Texas. They are still in California, just further north. “We’re no longer in Los Angeles,” she told Fox News.

Candace and her husband, Russian NHL hockey player Valeri Bure, have three adult children together. As they adjust to being empty nesters, Bure shared on the importance of maintaining a healthy marriage.

“It’s about finding the new fun in our life and the things that we’re doing together or where we’re going to go and meeting new people and new friends,” she said.

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