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January 1, Billy Joel’s Ex-Wife Spotted at Concert: Find Out Which “Uptown Girl” He Is Serenading



Christie Brinkley, one of Billy Joel’s several ex-wives, was spotted attending his concert in New York City on Friday. The 70-year-old supermodel looked elated as she swayed to “Uptown Girl,” a song that Joel wrote about her in 1983. She was even featured on the jumbotron for the entire crowd to see.


40 years later and your ex man is still grinning at you like that while he sings the song he wrote about how rich and hot you are? Voodoo clam #fyp #billyjoel #christiebrinkley #madisonsquaregarden

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In a video obtained by Fox News Digital, Brinkley can be seen singing along to the song. The couple divorced in 1994, but they have remained friends and share a daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, who also performed at the concert.

Billy Joel, 74, is finishing up his residency at Madison Square Garden. It began in January 2014 and will end in July 2024. In 2010, Joel confirmed during an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” that “Uptown Girl” was written about Brinkley, but there was more to the story.

At the time, Joel was dating supermodel Elle Macpherson and recalled a moment when he was surrounded by Brinkley, Macpherson, and Whitney Houston while working on the song. He said, “That’s why I started writing a song called ‘Uptown Girls’. It was plural. I couldn’t believe, you know, the situation I was in.”

However, after ending his relationship with Macpherson and beginning to date Brinkley, Joel said the song changed. “And then I started dating Christie and rather than it [being] about all these different girls, she became the ‘Uptown Girl.’ I started writing it about one person.”

Both Brinkley and Joel have since moved on and been married four times each. Brinkley was briefly married to Richard Taubman in 1994 and then to Peter Cook from 1996 to 2008, with whom she has two children. Joel married Katie Lee in 2004, but they split in 2009. He is now married to Alexis Roderick, and they have two daughters.

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