July 8, 2022

Tucker Carlson Addresses Accusations

    1777: Independent Vermont introduces a new constitution, prohibiting slavery.

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed accusations of ties to white supremacist ideology, vehemently denying the claims.

    “I’ve never had a white supremacist work for me. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to a white supremacist,” Carlson told Ben Smith, the Semafor co-founder and editor-in-chief, at an event on Thursday.

    “I’m not sure what that means,” he added. “I know it’s a slur and the worst thing that a person can be. I don’t really understand the terms.”

    Smith played a clip from an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight in which the host says Democrats are working to “replace” Americans with new voters from other countries. Critics say rhetoric like this amplifies the so-called “Great Replacement” theory.

    “I have no empathy for people who derive their judgments about anything from 30-second clips on Media Matters,” Carlson responded, referencing the liberal watchdog group.

    At one point during the tense interview, Smith asks Carlson why he’s “been flypaper for racists.”

    “I believe that people are not defined by their race, any race,” Carlson said. “People are defined, their value is derived from the fact that they were, A, created by God, and, B, by what they do, by the choices they make. They’re not part of some larger group, they’re individuals. I believe in the individual, and I say that virtually every night.”

    When asked what he’d say to critics who believe Carlson is racist, he said: “I don’t know what to say to you.”

    “I’m stating my sincere views as reflected in my personal life and my professional life as clearly as I can,” Carlson said.

    Carlson’s portion of the event starts at about the 1:08:04 mark in the video below:

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If the left can turn it to racism when there is no racism they will and the weak minded will believe it! Stable minded people are smart enough to see through all this smoke! Go Trump we will soon be back when we get rid of all these stupid Dems ,RINO’S, anti American socialist, communist and get Soros buried along with his entire family! 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots, Ultra MAGA, red, yellow, black, white, locked and loaded, not waiting for 2024, but righting the ship NOW, while there is something to save!!


Very true. Truth is the lying bigotry is coming from the left because they have nothing else.


If you don’t toe the party line – BOTH parties – you are a target! THUMBS UP, Tucker!


These are the things the Dem/Communists, and Rinos say to deflect responsibility for their evil and violent behaviors. According to the Dem/Communists and Rinos, MAGA are terrorists, racists, white supremacists, and anything that is bad in our country. What they are doing is deflecting responsibility for destroying our country and citizens. If Dem/Communists doesn’t like something, they make it bad for everyone and no one can like it. The perfect example is Roe v Wade. Our supreme court made the ruling and now the Dem/Communists don’t like it….so they are going to change it.


excuse me! the supreme court ruled once before, and you all didn’t like it, so you packed the court to get it changed to your way of thinking. how in the world do you see a difference in these actions. dems are not communists, it is obvious that you are totally unaware of what that term means.


When you post “your way of thinking”, you mean of course the Constitutional way of thinking. Even Justice Ginsburg knew Roe v. Wade was unconstitutional. Previous courts were simply too timid to reverse this awful ruling because they feared the lawlessness they knew would ensue.


Reminds me of an incident at my company. One thing I liked about working there was people were courteous and professional. When any of us (man or woman) was entering or leaving, and saw someone coming, we would hold the door open.
One morning, I was about a hundred feet from a side door. A woman carrying a box, was about 30 feet from the entrance. A manager entering the door saw her, and held the door open. He smiled, and said,”Good morning.” She literally shrieked at him,”You sexist (******)! You’re holding the door because I’m a woman! I don’t want your help, you sexist *******!”
Stunned, he let the door close. She stopped, put down the box and scanned the parking lot til she saw another woman. She shouted,”Did you see that jerk? He saw me coming and just shut the door on me!”


God is about to shake this whole country and anything that can be shaken will be very soon! If you have any real questions about abortion, why don’t you ask Him what he thinks. He’s not going to be kicked off His Throne! Jesus is Lord!


People that call others a white supremacist are not very intelligent people. Why ?? If you ask them to explain white supremacy all they can talk about are themselves.

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