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January 1, Texas Dad Fights Ex-Wife’s Attempt to Use California Laws for Child’s Puberty Blockers



A Texas father, Jeff Younger, is left battling in a California court against his ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, who wants to start their 11-year-old son on puberty blockers. This ongoing struggle between the ex-partners highlights the frightening reality of how the U.S. court system can be used against parents who don’t support the transgender movement.

Georgulas moved the couple’s children to California against Younger’s wishes. However, the move was protected after Younger lost his petition in the Texas Supreme Court. California has a law, SB 107, which gives the state the power to refuse lawful extradition orders from other states over issues related to so-called gender-affirming care.

The Texas Supreme Court stated, “I concur in the Court’s denial of the petition because Father is already in possession of a court order prohibiting Mother from doing precisely what he fears she will do with his son.” However, Younger’s parental rights are now effectively terminated, and his children are at risk of being chemically castrated in California.

Proponents of SB 107 argue that it makes California a “refuge for trans kids and their families.” However, legal experts warn that these laws strip parental rights away from concerned parents, preventing opposition to medical treatments. This leaves Younger with limited legal protection and the possibility that his ex-wife could initiate harmful treatments on their son without his consent.

A pro forma hearing scheduled for April 25 will ultimately decide if Georgulas can proceed with these medical treatments for their son. Younger will not be allowed to argue against these treatments in the hearing, according to the National File.

The Cass Report, a recent U.K. review of puberty blockers, found alarming issues when children are given these drugs to pause or delay puberty. The report highlighted concerns over the impact on brain maturation, as well as inadequate penile growth in male children and compromised bone density and growth issues for both male and female patients.

Despite this research, politicians continue to push for sex reassignment treatments for children. Georgulas had promised Texas courts that she wouldn’t send their son to a gender clinic for irreversible treatments, but now she is in a California court trying to make it happen.

The Younger case is a prime example of the consequences of laws like SB 107, as it exposes the reality of what transgender activists have been striving for. It’s not just a slippery slope — it’s more like an uncontrollable water slide, with parents like Younger left powerless to protect their children.

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