July 14, 2022

‘Read the Polls, Jack’: Biden Lashes Out at Reporter [Video]

President Joe Biden lashed out at a reporter after he was asked to comment on a recent poll that found a majority of Democrats would prefer a different candidate in 2024.

“Mr. President, what’s your message to Democrats who don’t want you to run again?” the reporter asked.

“They want me to run,” Biden said from a distance.

“Two thirds say they don’t,” the reporter responded.

“Read the polls,” Biden said, approaching the reporter. “Read the polls, Jack!”

“You guys are all the same,” he continued. “That poll showed that 92 percent of Democrats, if I ran, would vote for me.”

When the reporter pointed out that, in fact, “a majority of Democrats say they don’t want you to run again in 2024,” Biden insisted that the reporter had it wrong.

“No, 92 percent said if I did [run again], they’d vote for me,” Biden said.

The reporter was referencing a new New York Times/Sienna College poll that found 64% of Democrats would prefer a different candidate for their party’s presidential ticket in 2024.

The 92% figure does appear in the poll — but it wasn’t related to a question about whether he should seek reelection. Instead, 92% of Democratic respondents said they would still vote for Biden if it was between him and former President Donald Trump.

3 comments on ‘Read the Polls, Jack’: Biden Lashes Out at Reporter [Video]

  1. Alabaster Mc Gillicuddy says:

    We did read the polls, Joe. You suck!!!

  2. You, Joe Biden, are a worthless, corrupt, demented, POS!! Did you really shower with your daughter??? Do you really think your son is a god??? He’s nothing more than a slime ball like you.

  3. john says:

    Good thing the reporter was from biden’s approved list of reporters or he would have called him a “lyin’ stone faced pony soldier.”

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