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January 1, Governor Declares “State of Emergency” Over Bidenomics



Georgia has entered a state of emergency, and it’s not due to a natural disaster. Governor Brian Kemp announced this state of emergency in direct response to the skyrocketing inflation hitting his state.

Taking actionable steps to alleviate the strain on his citizens, Kemp has initiated a temporary suspension of Georgia’s gas tax, aimed at lightening the load for the state’s drivers.

It’s set to run from September 20 to October 12. Based on the numbers provided by Kemp’s office, this tax hiatus is anticipated to bring Georgians a notable reduction of 31.2 cents per gallon for regular gas, and a 35 cent drop for diesel, as noted by the Georgia Recorder.

The root of this crisis? Governor Kemp doesn’t mince words, laying blame squarely at the doorstep of the Biden administration and the evident failures of its economic strategy, or as many are calling it, “Bidenomics”.

In a hard-hitting statement, Kemp voiced the frustrations of many: “From runaway federal spending to policies that hamstring domestic energy production, all Bidenomics has done is take more money out of the pockets of the middle class,” he said.

“While high prices continue to hit family budgets, hardworking Georgians deserve real relief and that’s why I signed an executive order today to deliver it directly to them at the pump. Working with partners in the General Assembly, we’ll continue to help Georgians weather the economic headwinds caused by this president, his administration, and their allies in Congress.”

To put the gas crisis in perspective: while many states are grappling with inflated gas prices, Georgian wallets are feeling the strain acutely. A mere year ago, in September 2022, the average price at Georgia’s gas pumps was $3.24. Fast forward to today and the average price has jumped by 33 cents, as cited by AAA.

With Kemp’s tax suspension in play, the price to fill a standard 15-gallon tank will drop to $48.87 from its present $53.55.

For those seeking a national overview, AAA reports the current U.S. average for gas is $3.86 a gallon. The steepest gas prices are haunting the West Coast, with Californians forking out an exorbitant $5.46 a gallon, and Washington residents not far behind at $5.05.

The inflating cost of living, spurred by rampant inflation, has taken its toll across the nation, and fingers are pointed at the Biden administration for its role in this fiscal tempest.

Offering insights on Fox News, Gov. Kemp expressed hope that his emergency measures would provide some respite for Georgians battling the repercussions of Bidenomics—a policy purportedly draining over $700 monthly from American households.

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  1. Lawrence Montford

    September 21, 2023 at 7:13 am

    Inflation has come down under President Biden. Blame the Middle east oil producing companies for the gasoline price height who have cut oil production.

    • Imre

      September 21, 2023 at 5:03 pm

      OK Lawrence Montford Biden, take your head out of the sand and come to reality!!! It’s BIDEN, NOT the Middle East, who is responsible for the high gas prices. Biden STOPPED drilling and approving drilling rights and HE shut down Keystone on day one of his occupation of the Oval Office!!!That cancelled 11,000 high paying American jobs!!! Trump had EVERYTHING under control and Biden turned the country into a train wreck in his first 6 months!!! NO DOUBT in my mind you are a democrat!!!

    • StanB

      September 21, 2023 at 10:14 pm

      No, it hasn’t. That’s the exact reason that the COLA for Social Security is going to be higher than originally anticipated. The ACTUAL inflation rate is close to 9%. The cost of fuel is now back to the egregious rates that Biden ushered in when he closed Keystone, ANWAR, drilling off the Gulf Coast, closing all fracking, and eliminating drilling on federal lands. You’re as delusional as Joe if you think HE didn’t cause the spike.

    • Agne

      November 3, 2023 at 1:25 pm

      Montfort, the gas price is low right now because the idiot in office is draining our oil reserve to keep the price low! In the meantime if this country has any emergency we cannot respond without the oil he just drained, time ppl like you need to wake up!! Biden has brought this country on the brink of WWIII, the entire world is in chaos today. Trump brought world wide peace, our economy was doing great, the boarder was secure, crime was down. Thanks to blind voters who listened to woke media and the stolen election we now have a criminal running down this country while he and his family enrich themselves

  2. Janet

    September 21, 2023 at 8:45 am

    Wrong you are. We used to pay 99 cents for a dozen eggs. Now they are $4 and climbing. We used to pay two dollars less for gas. Yesterday hubby filled his truck for over $80. The first time ever. We had a pipeline being drilled from Alaska all the way to North Dakota. Well, biden stopped it and Canada was not happy either. We have the oil reserves but all biden cares about is the color green. He doesn’t deserve to be president. He bit a little girl over in Norway, he told a lady her biceps weren’t very big, he called a dead reporter to ask a question. He is off his rocker and everyone is covering up for him. He ought to just retire when he is done in office and that can’t be soon enough.

  3. Theodore Carbone

    September 21, 2023 at 9:07 am

    Well Kemp, wake up and smell the coffee. biden IS causing all the inflation as well as immigration problems. Trump will get us on the right track better than anyone else. Stop your AG from persecuting Trump and maybe he will get in and stop all this garbage.Any fool can see where the problem is. except ypo.

  4. Karen Thomas

    September 21, 2023 at 10:30 am

    Hey, the state of Georgia, you are now reaping what you sowed in 2020, namely voting for “Bi-dumb and family members”. Not working out so well is it?

  5. JPAT

    September 21, 2023 at 3:32 pm


  6. StanB

    September 21, 2023 at 10:16 pm

    Well, at least Kemp isn’t as dumb as the Governor of Ca. Newsollini just RAISED the tax on gas and diesel, diesel is now $6.19 a gallon, regular gas is $5.84.

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