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January 1, $800 Million Vegas Mass Shooting Settlement…



Trump Shifts Care of Migrant Kids to For-Profit Companies…

White Dallas Cop Gets 10 Years for Murdering Black Neighbor…

Twitter Takes Down Trump’s Nikleback Tweet…

This Day in History | 1994

O.J. Simpson is acquitted of murdering his estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Good Afternoon Middle Americans!

Attorneys for thousands of victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history say they’ve reached a legal settlement expected to pay between $735 million and $800 million.

Also today, the Trump administration is shifting care of some migrant children from religious nonprofits to the private, for-profit sector. Meanwhile, a white Dallas police officer who killed an unarmed black neighbor in his own living room drew 10 years in prison in a stunning courtroom scene of forgiveness in which she received a hug not just from the dead man’s brother but from the judge.  Finally, Twitter has removed a tweet from President Donald Trump that featured an edited Nickelback music video clip that took aim at former Vice President Joe Biden.

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– Fraser Dixon

MGM and Las Vegas Shooting Victims Reach a Settlement of Up to $800 Million

(CNN) – MGM said the settlement is not an admission of liability in the October 1, 2017 mass shooting that left 58 dead and hundreds wounded or injured. It is the worst mass shooting in modern American history.

“Our goal has always been to resolve these matters so our community and the victims and their families can move forward in the healing process,” said Jim Murren, chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts. “This agreement with the Plaintiffs’ Counsel is a major step, and one that we hoped for a long time would be possible.

“We have always believed that prolonged litigation around these matters is in no one’s best interest. It is our sincere hope that this agreement means that scenario will be avoided,” Murren added.

Robert Eglet, a lead attorney for the plaintiffs, said the agreement marks a milestone in the recovery process.

Learn more about the settlement from CNN here

Trump Admin Shifting to Privatize Migrant Child Detention

(AP) – Sheltering migrant children has become a growing business for the Florida-based government contractor, as the number of minors in government custody has swollen to record levels over the past two years. More than 50 babies, toddlers and teens were closely watched on this day inside the clean, well-lit shelter surrounded by chain link fences.

Read more about this story from the Associated Press here

Two Stunning Hugs end Amber Guyger’s Murder Trial on a Merciful Note

(Dallas Morning News) – The prosecution had asked for 28 years — the age Botham would have been on Sunday had Guyger not shot him last September when she was off-duty but still in her police uniform.

Instead, Brandt Jean, Botham Jean’s 18-year-old brother,  told Guyger that he wanted what his older brother would have wanted.

“I think giving your life to Christ would be the best thing that Botham would want for you,” he told her. “I love you as a person, and I don’t wish anything bad on you.” He told Guyger that he didn’t even want her to go to prison.

“Can I give her a hug, please?” Brandt asked. “Please.”

State District Judge Tammy Kemp gave him the OK.

The emotional exchange from the Dallas Morning News here

Nickelback’s Record Label Yanks Trump Tweet over Copyright Infringement

(Buzzfeed) – Here’s a real sentence I can’t quite believe I’m typing: A video shared by the president in connection with the Ukraine impeachment inquiry against him was taken down Thursday by Twitter, following a copyright claim by the music label of Canadian rock band Nickelback.

The video shared by President Donald Trump on Wednesday featured the band’s 2005 song “Photograph,” which has been a meme online for several years.

Fine out more here from Buzzfeed News

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