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January 1, Senate GOP to challenge Biden’s vaccine mandate



A group of 40 Senate Republicans says they will use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to challenge President Joe Biden’s new rule requiring large employers to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations.

The group is led by Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), the ranking member of a Senate committee on employment and workforce safety.

“Today, we are one step closer to protecting the liberties of millions of Americans in the private sector workforce under the Congressional Review Act. I urge my Senate colleagues to vote in favor of this disapproval resolution in the coming weeks,” Braun said in a statement.

The challenge is about Biden’s new rule mandating vaccination requirements at businesses with more than 100 employees. The mandate will affect roughly 80 million workers, and those who don’t comply will face steep fines.

The Republican challengers will attempt to force the Senate to vote on a resolution disapproving of the mandate. It must be passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate and House and signed into law by President Biden.

If vetoed by Biden, the GOP challengers would have to garner a two-thirds vote in each chamber to override the veto and stop the order from taking effect.

It’s a tall order with 50 Senate seats under Democrat control.

“We all want to put this pandemic behind us, but the decision to vaccinate is an individual choice and should not be mandated by the federal government,” Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) said in a statement. “The federal government does not have the constitutional or statutory authority to take this action and to make this clear we will be exercising our congressional authority to overturn this rule with a Congressional Review Act resolution.”


Republicans to challenge Biden vaccine mandate

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