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January 1, This Day in History – June 13th: The Formation of the United States National Guard, 1636



On June 13th, 1636, a critical piece of the United States military was born. On this day, the Massachusetts Bay Colony legislature ordered the formation of the militia regiments, which are recognized today as the United States National Guard.

This moment in history predates the formation of the United States itself. At the time, North America was home to various English colonies, and settlers often needed to defend themselves against attacks. The militias formed from this legislation were local military organizations, composed of part-time soldiers who were also ordinary citizens.

Over time, these regiments evolved into the National Guard, a unique and integral component of the U.S. military. The National Guard serves a dual federal and state mission, balancing between helping in domestic emergencies and participating in overseas combat missions.

The formation of the National Guard on June 13th, 1636, represents a significant development in American military history. It laid the groundwork for a citizen-soldier tradition that remains a vital part of our nation’s defense today.

As we reflect on this day in history, we acknowledge the essential service of the National Guard members throughout the centuries. Their bravery and commitment to the country showcase the profound respect for civic duty and community inherent in the spirit of the United States.

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