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‘You’re a Sad Old Drunk’: Pelosi Heckled at Event [Video]



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Democratic California Representative Nancy Pelosi was met with fiery confrontations at a recent event with economist and columnist Paul Krugman, as hecklers lambasted her with accusations of war crimes and hypocrisy.

The event quickly turned into a heated exchange as Pelosi faced vocal opposition from hecklers in the crowd.

“You know Pelosi, that’s a very good place for you in the depths of hell,” one heckler shouted before being removed from the venue. “For some reason, you have a very bad obsession of getting us into war. Hey, why is it that you did not admit that there were no WMDs in Iraq? You lied us into a war in Iraq. You got us to invade Afghanistan. Now over 90 percent of those people are impoverished and are dying. Why don’t you tell the truth about Nordstream?”

“Hey congresswoman, I came to see a warmonger but you’re a sad old drunk! What happened?”

The heckler went on to accuse Pelosi of leaving millions of Germans without energy with her stance on Nordstream.

“Why did we destroy Nordstream? You’re leaving millions of Germans without energy! … People like you should be arrested, you are a war criminal!” she shouted.


As the first heckler was escorted out, another individual seized the spotlight, calling Pelosi a “sad old drunk.”

“Hey congresswoman, I came to see a warmonger but you’re a sad old drunk! What happened? When you went to Taiwan, were you looking for Ukraine? Did we blow up the Nordstream on accident or on purpose?” the man shouted. “Did you know about that? … You’re a war criminal by definition Ms. Pelosi. You got some nerve.”

The man continued his tirade against Pelosi as he was removed from the venue, calling Pelosi a “war criminal.”

“You g*ddamn war criminal! How many people have died in your f***ing name?” he yelled.

Watch the video below to see the confrontation for yourself:


Bottom line

The incident underscores the deep divide in today’s political landscape, with Pelosi, a prominent Democratic figure, facing fervent opposition from some quarters. Critics argue that Pelosi’s past statements and actions, including her support for military interventions and stance on energy projects like Nordstream, reek of hypocrisy and double standards. The heckling incident reflects the frustration and anger felt by some who see Pelosi as a symbol of entrenched establishment politics and alleged hypocrisy.

The incident has also sparked debates about the role of confronting politicians. We believe it’s important to hold our elected officials accountable and express dissent when needed, while also recognizing the need for civility in political discourse.

We encourage civil engagement and reasoned discourse as a means to shape the political landscape and bring about positive change. While passionate disagreements are part of the democratic process, resorting to personal attacks and insults undermines the values of civil discourse and respectful engagement.

We must strive to express our views in a respectful manner, even when we strongly disagree with those in power. It’s crucial to foster constructive dialogue, even in the face of differing opinions.

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Should heckling politicians at public events be considered a valid form of political protest, or is it uncivil behavior?

Source: Daily Caller