March 9, 2022

Woman Accidentally Shoots Boyfriend After He Showed Her How To Use Gun

Ohio police say a woman accidentally shot her boyfriend in the face after he taught her how to use her recently purchased firearm.

Christopher Antron Scott Jr., 30, had been showing his girlfriend Anna Sigarroa, 36, how to use a gun at their home just before midnight on March 4.

Sigarroa told police she wanted Scott Jr. to put the gun away because he was not allowed to be near one due to a prior felony conviction.

According to the police report, Scott. Jr refused, Sigarroa allegedly tried to take the gun back, and a struggle ensued.

The gun went off during the struggle and Scott Jr. was shot in the mouth. He then drove himself to a nearby hospital.

Authorities arrested Sigarroa on March 4 on a charge of felonious assault weapon or ordinance.

She was booked into the Lucas County Jail the following day and subsequently released on Monday afternoon.


Man Accidentally Shot in Mouth After Showing Girlfriend How To Use Gun: Police


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  1. 2004done says:

    Wny is this tagged “gun violence ohio” INSTEAD of “criminals ARE Criminals because they disregard lawS, and this criminal was shot with his own gun that he “couldn’t” possess?”

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