January 8, 2023

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Blasted Over Ronald Reagan Impression

Late-night host Stephen Colbert ruffled some feathers with his impression of former President Ronald Reagan.

During a recent episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the host discussed Kevin McCarthy’s repeated failed attempts to secure enough votes to become the new Speaker of the House.

Colbert played a clip of a Fox News broadcast in which a frustrated Sean Hannity asked what Reagan would say about the ongoing standoff.

Colbert responded to Hannity’s question with an impression of Reagan awaking from the dead:

“Ah, where am I? Everything was so dark for so long and then there were these demons chanting around me saying you should have addressed the AIDS crisis when you had the chance. And then I woke up all of a sudden. Mommy!”

The studio audience laughed and cheered, while Colbert mimed poking at Reagan with a pitchfork.

But not everyone was applauding Colbert’s impression.

“What a scumbag Colbert is,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Colbert is an ignorant fool,” another declared.

“He’ll find out what hell is about soon enough. I doubt he’ll see Reagan there though,” one person wrote.

“Has he ever spoken to his good buddy Tony Fauci about his role in the early days of the AIDS crisis?” one commenter wondered, referring to Anthony Fauci.

“Of course, this is an utter lie that was used to smear Reagan, but I guess the historically ignorant love to prove how truly ignorant they are,” another person noted.

Source: The Blaze

One comment on “WATCH: Stephen Colbert Blasted Over Ronald Reagan Impression

  1. Bret says:

    Colbert audience does not know who Reagan is except to hate him bc he was not a democrat. And his theology is non existent.

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