March 14, 2022

Video: Trump Jr. Explains Why His Dad Praised Putin

Donald Trump Jr. said that his father, former President Donald Trump, praised world leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, in order to “play” them.

Trump Jr. commented on the situation in a video posted to his Rumble account, wherein he said his father knows how to deal with “powerful men” and he “had it right all along” in dealing with foreign leaders.

“So my father understands that, you know, men will blow up deals over ego. I’ve seen it my whole life, and my father’s certainly seen it. Because he’s dealt with powerful, egotistical people his entire life. He’s built a brand around dealing with those people. World leaders aren’t any different,” Trump Jr. said.

“He knew exactly how to play these guys, and he played it like a fiddle,” he added, stressing that his father’s flattery of foreign leaders was not an act of “capitulation.”

Trump Jr. said a typical critic of his father’s is “some nerd in his mom’s basement who’s never dealt with anything, never actually had any power, never understood those people.”


Donald Trump Jr. says his father only praised Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Xi Jinping in order to ‘play’ them

4 comments on Video: Trump Jr. Explains Why His Dad Praised Putin

  1. szq says:

    I believe he is absolutely correct! The armchair quarterbacks who think they know everything, including how to deal with powerful, egotistical, megalomaniac world leaders. I sure some/many consider Trump to be likewise! Well, even better, because he then KNOWS how they think, act, work, etc. He most definitely DOES know how to “play” and cajole them. As anyone with half a brain will recall, we had wars: NOT ONE! during Trump’s whole time in office.
    I’d love to see just how “wonderful” all the naysayers would handle the crazy world situation in which we now find ourselves. Well for one thing, if Trump were in office, we wouldn’t be having 90-95% of the problems that bidum has gotten us into.

    1. Terri Douglas says:

      Totally agree!!

  2. ROY S. MALLMANN II says:

    Just like that joke that PRESIDENT TRUMP made after a speech that he just made that it the Russians had Hillary’s 33,000 missing emails to send them to him as he could use them. It was a joke and when my wife and I watched it, it was so funny. The Democrats thought that it was Russia Collusion and I think that started it. They just did not understand it that it was a joke.

  3. ox says:

    That’s nice in order to play them. That is also a 2 way street, just like Putin playing Lying Corrupt QUID PRO king Joe. Everyone gets played at one time or another, and Trump is no exception. Trump doesn’t know how Putin thinks, no one does, unless your in Putin’s intimate circle. Trump also has a penchant for dictators. when Trump went to see Xi in Communist China, they had this big parade. That PARADE is not for the Chinese people, the PLA is paying homage to the party and their Communist leaders. Trump Comes back and he wants this big 4th of Jul parade. There is enough going around America in ref. to 04 Jul, America doesn’t need to be wasting their tax money on a gigantic parade in DC. Why? Trump wants the military to pay homage to him? Trump was bitten by the bug from Xi and the Communist Party. They have these grand parades and Trump wants one. No one should be mesmerized by Trump. Trump is not a one size fits all. Any Republican with intelligence can p/u where Trump left off. It doesn’t take Trump to complete the wall, or make America once again energy independent. It takes a politician that is willing to go the extra mile for America and it’s people, not some con artist like Joe Biden.

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