July 9, 2022

Trump Reacts to Assassination of ‘True Friend’ Shinzo Abe

Current and former U.S. leaders reacted to the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, including former President Donald Trump.

Abe, 67, was shot twice in the neck while delivering a speech in Nara, Japan, according to a report.

Before doctors had announced that Abe had succumbed to his gunshot wounds, Trump wrote a post on his Truth Social website, calling Abe “a truly great man and leader.”

“He was a true friend of mine and, much more importantly, America,” Trump said. “This is a tremendous blow to the wonderful people of Japan, who loved and admired him so much. We are all praying for Shinzo and his beautiful family!”

Trump wrote another post after news of Abe’s death.

“Really BAD NEWS FOR THE WORLD! Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is dead. He was assassinated. His killer was captured and will hopefully be dealt with swiftly and harshly,” Trump said.

“Few people know what a great man and leader Shinzo Abe was, but history will teach them and be kind. He was a unifier like no other, but above all, he was a man who loved and cherished his magnificent country, Japan. Shinzo Abe will be greatly missed. There will never be another like him!”

President Joe Biden said he was “stunned” and “outraged” by Abe’s assassination.

“The longest serving Japanese Prime Minister, his vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific will endure,” Biden said. “Above all, he cared deeply about the Japanese people and dedicated his life to their service. Even at the moment he was attacked, he was engaged in the work of democracy.”

“The United States stands with Japan in this moment of grief. I send my deepest condolences to his family,” he said.

Former President Barack Obama said he was “shocked and saddened by the assassination of my friend and longtime partner Shinzo Abe.”

“Former Prime Minister Abe was devoted to both the country he served and the extraordinary alliance between the United States and Japan,” Obama wrote on Twitter.

The suspected gunman, 41-year-old Testuya Yamagami, has been taken into police custody.

3 comments on Trump Reacts to Assassination of ‘True Friend’ Shinzo Abe

  1. dp says:

    FCK barry Obama — he probably had this good man killed – That faggot along with Big Mike are running lunch box Joe – The puppet of the Chinese Communists party, and trying to play it off like he is mentally ill – That no talent arrogant puppet is just another controlled front man for the deep state.

    Soros everyone knows about, but look into the history of the British Crown – They shipped all of the slaves to the USA, and the Zionist Jews transported and sold them at auction to rich land owners…. only a small % of the population – the average white man hated slavery and tried for decades to get it abolished – this is why the anti-slavery Republican party was created….

    Use the brain that GOD gave you and study your actual history – FCK roots and other fairy tales.

    Why did the average American hate slavery????? Because they couldn’t survive on slave wages – they couldn’t compete for a job with wealthy Jews who came in with a 20 man crew of slaves and took all of the jobs…

    History as taught in school is a lie — seek out the truth, and stop being a fool who accepts the government lies that you were taught in school.

    1. Joey says:

      Whatever this guy is smoking, I def want to try some. I’ve heard some crazy rants in my day, but by blessed Zeus’s butthole this is one of the best. How do you even begin to come up with ideas like this? It is times like these we must have faith in our Lord Jesus ChriBWAHAHAHA!
      There is only one TRUE savior and you shall all bow to him, for the end is nigh…Praise him! Fear him! Hail Megatron!

    2. {C2) says:

      At this time, I pray for Peace and the coming together of all people of good will. The rants should wait for another time.

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