May 30, 2022

Trump Faces Political Setback After Georgia Primaries

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Trump Faces Political Setback After Georgia Primaries

Nearly all of the candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump in Georgia’s Republican primary lost last week.

Some say the losses could indicate that the former president’s grip on the GOP is weakening.

“I don’t want to say this is the beginning of the end for Trump, but I do think there’s been a move toward the idea that most Americans don’t want to look back,” Georgia GOP chair Chuck Clay said.

“You may have some people who aren’t comfortable with the last election, but they’re not out there saying it was outright stolen,” Clay added. “They’re not out there waving false flags.” 

A former Trump campaign aide said the Georgia primaries were “kind of supposed to be a redemption for him.”

“With what happened [Tuesday], it’s kind of hard to make the argument now that people are still with him.”


Georgia deals critical blow to Trump’s kingmaker status

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