November 4, 2022

Preschool Teacher Arrested After Toddlers Eat THC Gummies

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Four toddlers were hospitalized after ingesting THC-laced gummy candies in their preschool classroom, and their teacher is facing charges.

Staff at preschool Primrose School of Prosper in Prosper, Texas, noticed four one-year-olds “displaying unusual symptoms of illness” and promptly called 911, the school said in a statement.

“These four children were hospitalized for treatment and were found to have been exposed to THC, an illegal substance,” the statement read. “Local authorities have alleged the source of the exposure was linked to a teacher in the room and the individual was terminated immediately. With our assistance, law enforcement moved swiftly to make an arrest.”

Police said that one teacher fled as first responders arrived, leaving behind a black hooded jacket that had a Ziploc bag filled with THC gummies.

According to Fox4, an arrest affidavit showed that Anisah Burks, 35, admitted to bringing the THC gummies into the preschool classroom.

Burks was charged with one count of felony possession of a controlled substance and four counts of injury to a child.

It hasn’t been confirmed exactly how the toddlers obtained the gummies, or if Burks was out of the room when the children found them.

All four children have been released from the hospital.

The school noted that Burks, who had passed a background check, was “terminated immediately.”

“This news has been shocking, upsetting and shakes us to the very core of every principle we stand for. There is no greater priority to us every day than the health and safety of the children entrusted to our care,” the school said in a statement.

Primrose School officials believe this was an isolated incident and that no other teacher was involved.

Source: Fox4 | Blaze Media

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