March 1, 2022

Poll: Ukraine Invasion Wouldn’t Have Happened Under Trump

Most Americans say that Russian President Vladimir Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if former President Donald Trump had still been in office.

A new Harvard Center for American Political Studies (CAPS)-Harris Poll found that 62 percent of participants believed Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump had been president.

There appears to be a political disparity with this viewpoint, with 85 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats answering this way.

However, 38 percent of participants believed that Putin would’ve invaded Ukraine even if Trump had been president.

A majority of Americans — 59 percent — believe Putin moved against Ukraine because he saw weakness in President Joe Biden, while 41 percent said that it wasn’t a factor in his decision.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey was conducted between Feb. 23 and Feb. 24 with 2,026 registered voters. The survey is an online sample drawn from the Harris Panel and weighted to reflect known demographics.


Majority of Americans say Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president

One comment on “Poll: Ukraine Invasion Wouldn’t Have Happened Under Trump

  1. ox says:

    People should not be mesmerized by Trump. The invasion of the Ukraine wouldn’t have happened under Trump. No one knows that. That is a fallacy. That is an assumption. Putin isn’t shaking in his boots over Lying Corrupt Quid Pro King Joe and he certainly isn’t losing any sleep over Trump. Putin already proved over the Ukraine, that the U.S. is no longer a Superpower and NATO s useless, otherwise the U.S. wouldn’t be just throwing words and sanctions at Putin. Putin is still killing innocent civilians in Ukraine and the U.S. is no where t be found. The same will go when the day comes for Communist China to take over Taiwan. Communist China seizes Taiwan, Communist China controls 60% of the manufacture of the worlds computer chips. The U.S. will look the other way, under Corrupt Quid Pro’s watch. The U.S. has become a paper tiger under corrupt Quid Pro.

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