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January 1, Poll: Most GOP Voters Still Say Biden Cheated in 2020



A recent poll shows that most Republican voters still believe that President Joe Biden did not legitimately win the election.

The Rasmussen Reports survey found that 34% of likely voters believe Biden did not win “fairly” — marking a seven-point decline since June.

“However, 61% of Republican voters still think Biden didn’t win the presidential election fairly, an opinion shared by 13% of Democrats and 29% of voters not affiliated with either major party,” the analysis read.

Participants also weighed in on election integrity, showing strong support for voter identification, with 75% supporting photo ID and 19% opposing.

The pollster found that 83% of voters say it’s “very important” to prevent cheating in elections, up from 79% in June.


Election Integrity: Most GOP Voters Still Think Biden Cheated

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