May 27, 2022

O’Rourke Interrupts Texas Gov’s Press Conference: ‘You Are Doing Nothing’ [Video]

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1940: British and Allied forces begin the evacuation of Dunkirk (Operation Dynamo) during WWII.

Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke (D) interrupted Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) press conference, where he and other officials were speaking about the elementary school shooting in Uvalde.

Abbott was speaking when O’Rourke briskly walked toward the podium.

“You are doing nothing,” O’Rourke said. “You said this was not predictable; this was totally predictable, and you choose not to do anything.”

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin interrupted O’Rourke, saying, “Sir, you are out of line.”

“I can’t believe you’re a sick son of a bitch who would come to a deal like this to make a political issue,” McLaughlin said.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) then told O’Rourke to take his seat and not “play this stunt.”

“This is on you until you choose to do something different! This will continue to happen. Somebody needs to stand up for the children of this state or they will continue to be killed just as they were in Uvalde yesterday,” O’Rourke said as security escorted him out of the press conference.

After the disruption came to an end, Abbott addressed the victims’ families.

“There are family members whose hearts are broken. There’s no words that anybody shouting can come up here and do anything to heal these broken hearts,” Abbott said.


Uvalde mayor calls O’Rourke ‘sick son of a b—-‘ after disruption

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