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January 1, Mysterious Disappearance of Young Netflix Employee Stirs Concerns



In an alarming turn of events, Yohanes Kidane, a 22-year-old Cornell University graduate who had recently landed his dream job at Netflix, has mysteriously gone missing.

The abrupt disappearance comes mere days after Kidane had shared unsettling experiences regarding a particular rideshare service.

Having just relocated to California from Rochester, New York, Kidane had been ecstatic about his new position as a software engineer with the streaming behemoth.

Tragically, his sense of security was short-lived.

On Monday, August 14, around 7:15 p.m. PT, Kidane was last captured on camera, leaving his residence at 28 North Fourth Street in San Jose to enter an Uber.

This incident occurs on the heels of Kidane confiding in close friends about a particularly concerning rideshare episode, leading him to vow never to ride solo in an Uber in San Francisco again.

Yosief Kidane, Yohanes’ elder brother, stated:

“What we do know is that he was on camera leaving the apartment building getting into an Uber Monday evening. We know that his belongings, his phone and his wallet, were found at the Golden Gate Bridge Tuesday morning by a citizen… and we know that he was never at home at work on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Worryingly, despite all his belongings being discovered, Kidane’s laptop was found intact inside his backpack, and not a single dollar was missing from his wallet.

Friends and family, many hailing from Cornell, have taken matters into their hands by organizing a “task force.” They’ve teamed up with a private investigator, hoping someone might provide a crucial tip-off.

They’ve also scoured various places, including hospitals and shelters, in a desperate attempt to find him.

Reminiscing about their bond, Yosief mentioned how inseparable the brothers were, often being mistaken for twins.

He added, “he’s always been the part of me and integral to who I am as a person.”

Austin Farmer, Yohanes’ roommate during his time at Cornell, shared details of the alarming rideshare incident Yohanes had discussed.

Kidane had texted a friend during the episode, saying he “might be in trouble” and expressing his sense that the driver’s intentions were not benevolent.

Despite the San Jose police spearheading a multi-agency investigation, as of Friday morning, they’ve disclosed no new insights regarding the case.

Those with potentially crucial information are urged to contact the police at 408-277-8900. Additionally, a GoFundMe campaign is underway, aiming to raise funds to aid in the search.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Daniel Passer

    August 23, 2023 at 12:57 am

    What did interrogating the Uber driver reveal? What was the victim’s specific concern about riding an Uber alone?

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