July 6, 2022

Movie Theaters Ban Formal Attire After Widespread Mayhem

Some movie theaters have banned teenagers wearing suits from attending screenings of the new Minions movie over disruptive behavior.

A TikTok trend #Gentleminions involves showing up to a screening of Minions: The Rise of Gru while dramatically overdressed in formal attire. Viral videos show young people in large groups dressing up in suits to watch the movie.

But some movie theaters aren’t amused by the trend. The BBC reported that one cinema in the U.K. canceled all Minions screenings, citing “stunningly bad behavior,” including vandalism and throwing things.

The Regal Cinema, another movie theater in the U.K., notified customers that it would no longer admit “unaccompanied children wearing suits.”

The movie studio Universal Pictures, however, endorsed the rowdy trend.

“To everyone showing up to Minions in suits: we see you and we love you,” the company wrote on Twitter.

According to CNN, Minions: The Rise of Gru had a record-breaking opening weekend at the domestic box office, raking in an estimated $125 million.

4 comments on Movie Theaters Ban Formal Attire After Widespread Mayhem

  1. Mack says:

    I’m confused. Is it the suits making the group of kids act out, or is it that it’s a large group of kids together with no adult supervision making the kids act out? I shouldn’t say “making”, nothing is “making” them, just large groups of that aged kids getting together tends to lead to misbehavior. It’s nice seeing them in suits, instead of seeing them out in public in pajama bottoms and tshirts.

  2. Sick&Tired says:

    The Younger Generations are going to have a Hard Time Making It in Life……Due, to Most Americans are Not Going to Put Up With Their Pathetic Crap…… They want to act like Brainless Young People…….They will be Treated Exactly How the Act and Look.
    The Ole Rude Awaking will happen for them….Someday. !!

    1. Sonya Black says:

      Unfortunately, you are wrong. We have been putting up with it and that is why we have all of these entitled brats running around and tearing things up. Thanks to Tick Tok, they are being encouraged to be stupid and video it. They are being praised for it. They are our future and our future is bleak.

  3. Gunny Gil says:

    All the reports of these incidents in theaters are in the UK. Not one is reported in this article in the USA. But as usual people read only what they want to hear and rarely read for facts

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