August 2, 2022

Millions of Americans Will Receive $1,500 Rebate Checks

Millions of taxpayers in Colorado will receive some of their hard-earned money back via rebate checks this year.

Gov. Jared Polis (D) announced that Colorado residents who filed their taxes before June 30 are set to receive $750 rebates, and joint filers will receive $1,500.

“We are providing real relief when Coloradans need it most,” Polis said.

“Everyone in our state is feeling the impact of rising costs, and I refuse to let the government sit on taxpayers’ money when it could be used to make life a little bit easier for the people of our state.”

The governor noted that the state’s “strong economy” enabled them to send “nearly double what we initially hoped” when he signed the Colorado Cashback tax rebate into law in April.

Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young echoed Polis’s sentiments: “We are getting money back to people as quickly as possible, providing much-needed relief to Coloradans and their families.”

12 comments on Millions of Americans Will Receive $1,500 Rebate Checks

  1. koby says:

    They’re buying votes, simple as that.

    1. Feisty Freedom says:

      Absolutely. More astute voters won’t be fooled.
      Helicopter money helps the deep state by increasing the likelihood of a depression.

  2. Al Scott says:

    I thought it was against the law for a politician to buy votes!!

    1. Denjan says:

      Only if you are anything other than democrat. Witness everything they’re throwing at illegals.

      1. Sonia says:

        Soooo true!

    2. Diana says:

      Democrats follow no laws Colorado is a Blue State.

    3. Dave says:

      Dems are already doing it in CA by giving all the illegals ID cards so they can vote. Yes this is illegal but they don’t care and the FEDS are pleased so nothing is ever done. Trump may be able to fix this with Reps controlling Congress.

  3. Henry Nevins says:

    Colorado’s gov is a Dem, bribing, wasting taxpayer money and anything illegal is what they do best. Anyone with an ounce or morals and honesty could never be a Dem and the Dem Party not want them.

  4. Americafirst says:

    Watch it. You will have to pay taxes on that money.

  5. T Skinner says:

    This is a rebate required by the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, which is part of the Colorado Constitution that is hated by Democrats, because they can’t keep and spend this excess money. TABOR was mainly a Republican initiative in the 1990s. Polis et al are just taking credit for it, which is a lie. They couldn’t stop the rebate, though they would love to!

  6. gary says:

    how does this help me screw colorado bulshit news lead with colorado , what a waste of time

  7. Ahmad Suhrab says:

    a specific domains abe

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