August 26, 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene “Swatted” Twice in Two Days

Georgia police arrived at the home of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after receiving a false report of an active shooter, marking the second time in two days that the Congresswoman endured a “swatting” incident.

The Rome Police Department classified the incident as a “swatting,” a dangerous prank that involves falsely reporting a violent crime to police to get SWAT teams to raid a victim’s home.

According to Forbes, police received a phone call around 3 a.m. on Thursday about a man “possibly shooting his family members and then himself” at Greene’s house. Two police officers visited the lawmaker’s home and confirmed that the tip was fake.

The bogus report “was received on what appeared to be a suicide crisis line from an internet chat,” with the caller saying that someone “came out as transgender and claimed they shot the family.”

The caller used a virtual private network (VPN), making their location unclear.

The Rome Police Department also responded to a phony report of a “subject being shot multiple times” at Greene’s house. Police said 911 dispatchers later got another call from the suspect, claiming to be “upset about Mrs. Greene’s political view on transgender youth rights.”

The incident is under a joint investigation by local police and U.S. Capitol Police.

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