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January 1, Man Punches School Board Member in the Face at Heated Mascot Meeting [Video]



In Connecticut, a man punched a school board member in the face during a heated meeting wherein residents pushed to revive the high school’s former mascot — which officials retired over concerns of racial insensitivity.

Video of the unruly meeting in the Glastonbury High School auditorium captured the melee.

The incident occurred during a special meeting meant to discuss the school’s mascot, which was changed from the Tomahawks to the Guardianslast year.

The fight began as a verbal altercation between an attendee and a board member. The two men stood nose to nose, and the board member eventually shoved the attendee. The man then responds with a punch, which sends the school board member to the ground.

People then rushed in and separated the pair, and the meeting did not continue.

Police say they are investigating the incident.


Man punches school board member in face at Glastonbury meeting about Native American mascot. Police investigation is continuing.

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