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January 1, Liberal Hosts Hang Up in Frustration During Fiery Debate on Trans Treatments for Minors [Video]



In a recent episode of “The Majority Report,” liberal hosts found themselves in heated disagreement with Jesse Singal, a podcaster known for his skepticism about gender ideology and sex change treatments for young individuals.

The explosive discussion quickly spiraled into heated arguments and visible frustration.

Singal, whose work critically examines gender medicine, dialed into the show to address some of the public comments made by hosts Sam Seder and Emma Vigeland concerning his research.

Although Singal admitted to his fair share of involvement in Twitter “drama” surrounding the topic, he hoped to find common ground with the hosts.

However, that hope was short-lived.

Seder interjected, “Jesse, I just want to make something clear. I don’t care where we agree on. That is, I can’t tell you how irrelevant it is to me what we agree on, whether it is the context of trans stuff, whether it is in the context of any other politics.

He went on to accuse Singal of downplaying the significance of the issue and contributing to the erosion of transgender rights, especially when his work becomes ammunition for Republican policymakers.

Vigeland chimed in, emphasizing the “overwhelming data” supporting the efficacy of sex change treatments in minors, reducing suicidal ideation.

Yet Singal stood his ground, “Oh, but what you said isn’t true. There isn’t overwhelming evidence,” he retorted.

When asked by Vigeland about his stance on the effectiveness of sex change treatments in minors, Singal firmly stated he doesn’t find them effective.

Supporting his stance, he mentioned five European countries that have also expressed concerns about the efficacy of such treatments.

The debate took another turn when the two touched upon Jamie Reed, a whistleblower from the Washington University Transgender Center. Vigeland asserted that Reed’s claims had been debunked, while Singal maintained his belief in Reed’s credibility.

The disagreement reached its climax with Vigeland stating, “We’ve got to run, but people can look this up. There have been lies over and over proven that she has put out there, which you took at face value,” before suggesting Singal invite a transgender individual on his show for a more genuine conversation.

Singal responded, pointing out Vigeland’s hesitancy to appear on his podcast and discuss these issues in detail. “You’re backing out, it’s unfortunate,” he commented.

Backing Singal’s stance, The New York Times has recently verified Jamie Reed’s revelations regarding gender transitions at Washington University Transgender Center.

Reed, who identifies as a queer woman married to a transgender person, has consistently advocated for a cautious approach towards gender transition treatments for the young, suggesting a moratorium.

Her claims have led to an investigation into the center’s practices by the Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

As the debate on gender transitions for minors rages on, the clash between Singal and the hosts of “The Majority Report” stands as a testament to the deeply divided opinions on the topic.

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  1. Thaddeus Listing

    September 9, 2023 at 10:09 pm

    These people need to get real jobs, perhaps in a super market or in the janatorial field which might pose a problem while they decide whether to clean the lavatory or picket it.

    • Timothy

      September 9, 2023 at 10:19 pm

      I think a year long stint in a public housing unit, would be a great education for them. They could learn something, or die. Either way, Amerika would be better off.

  2. laurie s kurs

    September 10, 2023 at 2:18 am

    It is sad that an uninformed minority is able to influence so many with false claims. Too many Intelligent people have traded in their common sense to be part of “the group”. Basic life sciences makes it clear. DNA is the basis of our are our XX or XY make up. One can change their name, take hormones, cut off part, add on parts, wear whatever they want…but – it will not change their genetic makeup – DN.

    To pretend one can actually change from XX to XY, or vv… IMPOSSIBLE!! To suggest one can…is in the head…and the head can be a powerful source…..but a biological male will ALWAYS have larger heart, lungs, muscle mass- which is why these biological males – on women’s sports teams – will ALWAYS beat women in sports….

  3. DW

    September 11, 2023 at 2:14 am

    This article ends by saying they were coming together but then it fell apart. That i s never the case with liberals, the way this turned out is the way it always turnsn out. The libs start losing, because they never have good arguments, then they cut the conservative off because they never can win an argument on it’s own merrits.

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