March 6, 2023

LEAKED: Trump’s 5-Part Attack Plan for DeSantis

1964: Boxing legend Cassius Clay joins the Nation of Islam and changes his name to “Muhammad Ali”, calling his former title a “slave name.”

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to attack his 2024 GOP rival Ron DeSantis as a “Reagan Republican,” according to Axios.

Axios, which obtained Trump’s five-point attack plan, reports that Trump considers the Florida governor as the only candidate capable of outlasting him in a lengthy, contentious presidential primary campaign. “So Trump is planning to amp up the attacks and name-calling in the coming weeks,” per the outlet.

Citing sources and friends familiar with the former president’s thought process, Axios reports that Trump plans to target “Ron DeSanctimonious” in five key areas:

  • DeSantis’s past support for changes to Social Security and Medicare
  • The initial “caution” in his early response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • His “disloyalty” to Trump
  • A “lackey of former House Speaker Paul Ryan”
  • His “wishy-washy” stance on the war in Ukraine

“There’s a pre-Trump Ron and there’s a post-Trump Ron,” a Trump confidant told Axios. “He used to be a Reagan Republican. That’s where he comes from. He’s now awkwardly trying to square his views up with the populist nationalist feeling of that party.”

Last week, DeSantis told Fox News that he views Trump’s attacks as “background noise.”

“He used to say how great of a governor I was,” DeSantis told Fox News host Jesse Watters on Tuesday. “And then I win a big victory and all of a sudden, you know, he had different opinions. And so you could take that for what it’s worth.”

Source: Axios

2 comments on LEAKED: Trump’s 5-Part Attack Plan for DeSantis

  1. Jack says:

    Well, well Mr. DeSanctimonious: We Ever-Trumpers out here KNOW which side our bread is buttered on – so YOU best take it for what its worth and understand that Mr. Trump WILL BE our 47th President – the people say so. ……. Get it?, Got it? G O O D!

  2. free says:

    Lots of heresay. Also your article is after the fact- all that was stated in the CPAC speech. Name names of the leaker or it was an allowed leak (especially after the fact). DeSantis is now supported by the Bush family and he went to Yale. We dont know if DeSantis is Skull and Bones but DeSantis is on record as having admired Bush Sr. All that said, DeSantis has been good for Florida and some of this might just be politics for show. DeSantis can make Florida great and bide his time. Another 10 years wont hurt DeSantis.

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