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January 1, Jan. 6 organizers say GOP lawmakers helped plan the rallies



Two individuals who helped plan the Washington, D.C., rallies ahead of the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 say members of Congress and the Trump administration helped plan the protest.

The two individuals — neither of whom were identified — spoke to Rolling Stone for a report published Sunday. The outlet described one as a “rally organizer” and the other as a “planner.”

The sources said the lawmakers who participated in the “dozens” of planning briefings or sent top staffers included Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA.), Paul Gosar (AZ.), Lauren Boebert (CO.), Mo Brooks (AL.), Madison Cawthorn (N.C.), Andy Biggs (AZ.), and Louie Gohmert (TX.).

They both claimed Mark Meadows, who served as former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff at the time, played a crucial role in discussions regarding the demonstration.

“Meadows was 100 percent made aware of what was going on,” one planner said.

The sources told Rolling Stone they’ve been in informal contact with the House Select Committee but intend to testify in a public setting.

“I have no problem openly testifying,” one source said.


Report: Rally organizers say GOP lawmakers worked on Jan. 6 protests

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