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January 1, Hunter Biden’s Federal Gun Charges: The Indictment Story Unveiled



Special counsel David Weiss has taken decisive action against Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, with a formal indictment on charges stemming from a 2018 gun purchase.

This indictment, filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware, brings to light that Hunter Biden allegedly “knowingly made a false and fictitious written statement, intended and likely to deceive” a dealer during his attempt to purchase a Colt Cobra revolver.

Hunter Biden’s well-documented challenges with addiction appear to be at the center of this case. He is accused of falsely certifying on a federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms form that he wasn’t using or addicted to any narcotics or controlled substances.

This indictment is a surprising twist, especially considering that Weiss had previously offered Biden a plea deal in late July, which would’ve potentially allowed him to avoid jail.

However, this plan collapsed when District Court judge Maryellen Noreika expressed her reservations about the deal’s validity, especially given the possibility of Hunter facing future felony charges not only from the gun incident but also allegations of tax evasion.

When questioned about the peculiarity of such a deal, Weiss stated he wasn’t aware of any precedent. This shift in direction comes after Attorney General Merrick Garland named Weiss as the special counsel amid rising pressure from the Republican side.

Weiss had hinted at an impending indictment earlier this month, so for many, the news wasn’t a shock. Still, some believe Weiss has been hesitant with his investigation, with accusations suggesting he’s been cautious due to Hunter’s ties to the presidency. As time ticks on, it’s evident the case’s statute of limitations was closing in.

In addition, Hunter Biden is still on the radar for potential tax evasion charges in California or Washington, D.C., given allegations of his consistent inability to meet IRS tax deadlines.

The political landscape has been aflutter in the wake of this news. Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social, his own social media platform, to weigh in. He emphasized that “the gun charge, is the only crime that Hunter Biden committed that does not implicate Crooked Joe Biden.”

“One down, Eleven to go!” Trump wrote. “The Democrats, with all of their horrible, very unfair, and mostly illegal Witch Hunts, have started a process that is very dangerous for our Country. They have opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box, and it is possible that the USA will never be the same again. SO SAD!!!”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared her thoughts on social media, asking why Biden isn’t yet facing “indictments for tax fraud, FARA abuse, money laundering, and sex trafficking.”

Meanwhile, GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy labeled the indictment as a “smokescreen.”

“Don’t fall for it,” he wrote on X. “This is a fig leaf designed to deflect attention away from the real problem: the Biden family is selling out U.S. foreign policy for their own family’s private financial gain.”

On the other side of the aisle, Democratic U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin voiced the importance of due process, pointing out that both Hunter Biden and former President Donald Trump should be treated equally under the rule of law.

“I don’t think people should applaud the system when it works for Hunter Biden but then try to tear the system down when it works for Donald Trump,” Raskin told reporters. “We shouldn’t take delight in other people’s misfortunes, but we have to have a rule of law.”

Bottom Line

In the coming weeks, as the legal proceedings unfold, the nation will watch closely. The impact of this case on the political and public sentiment landscape is undeniable, and only time will reveal the full extent of its ramifications.

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  1. bozo mctavish

    September 16, 2023 at 6:13 am

    he will get a little love tap on his ass and be sent on his way !!!

  2. Franklin M Hedgecock

    September 16, 2023 at 4:40 pm

    The democrats have lied and persecuted Trump for unproven things for years. It is time the crooked Biden family to pay for their corruption.

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