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Gun Sales Boom During the Pandemic



Happy Monday America,

Gun sales across the US spiked during the pandemic. The first time gun buying surged last year was during springtime due to fears about the unknown coronavirus pandemic. Came summer, sales spiked even higher driven by BLM protests across the country. Data reveal gun buying is still up this year.

A neighborhood in Guangzhou, a southern city in China, has been locked down after a surge in COVID-19 infections has alarmed Chinese authorities. China has been slammed for being quiet over the true number of coronavirus cases and deaths the country had. Considering the virus originated in China, the mainland’s official death toll stands at 4,636 out of 91,061 confirmed cases.

In Israel, a biotech company claimed that its new drug, MesenCure, has a 100% success rate in the first 10 patients treated with it as part of an early-stage clinical trial. Covid patients with severe symptoms showed lung functioning returning to almost normal levels after only one month of taking the drug.

Black Lives Matter is being slammed by grieving mothers who accused the movement of making profits from the deaths of their sons. The group is blaming BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors on her $3.2 million real-estate buying spree and questions about the group’s finances.

A Nashville hat store named hatWRKS is being criticized for selling patches bearing the words “NOT VACCINATED.” The patch looks like a yellow Star of David — a Nazi-era anti-Jewish emblem. Outraged residents protest outside the store while top hat makers have distanced themselves from the store.


Hollywood is rejoicing. After a devastating year in box office returns, “A Quiet Place Part II” collected $48 million over the Memorial Day weekend. Not bad, indeed. Only 70% of theaters across the country have reopened. The movie theater business was directly hit by the pandemic.

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Fraser Dixon