June 30, 2022

Giuliani: NYC Mayor Can ‘Go F— Himself’ After Accusing Him of Filing False Report

Rudy Giuliani says New York City Mayor Eric Adams can “go f— himself” after Adams accused the former NYC mayor of filing a false police report.

Adams’s comments came after a supermarket employee allegedly assaulted Giuliani.

“I looked at the video, and someone needs to remind former Mayor Giuliani that falsely reporting a crime is a crime,” Adams said during a press conference.

“And from what he stated about being punched in the head, felt like a bullet — from what he stated, there was a lot of creativity, and I think the district attorney — he has the wrong person that he’s investigating,” he added.

“When you look at the video, the guy basically walked by and patted him on the back,” Adams said. “I don’t know if he said congratulations, I don’t know what he said to him. But it was clear that he was not punched in the head. It was clear that it didn’t feel like a bullet. It was clear that he wasn’t about to fall to the ground.”

When asked for comment by the New York Post, Giuliani called Adams a “f—ing scumbag” and said: “Tell Adams to go f— himself.”

“Eric Adams doesn’t know what he’s f–king talking about,” Giuliani told The Post. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I didn’t file the complaint. His police department filed the report. The police department did an investigation. The police interviewed witnesses.”

“Let him talk to his police department,” the former NYC mayor added. “He probably can’t do that. The cops probably won’t talk to him. They don’t trust him. He must’ve been a bad cop.”

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  1. Suan says:

    I tried the link for the video. It says “this does not exist”, so where is the video?

    Does anyone have a working link?

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