June 5, 2022

Former CNN Anchor: Networks View Mass Shootings as ‘Revenue Sources’

Brooke Baldwin, a former CNN anchor, said that television news outlets view mass shootings as “ratings-generating revenue sources.”

Baldwin wrote a piece for The Atlantic expressing concern over cable news outlets quickly moving on from coverage of mass shootings.

“After a week or 10 days, the outraged public grows tired of hearing about the carnage, loss, and inaction,” Baldwin writes.

“The audience starts to drop off. The ratings dip. And networks worry about their bottom line. And while the journalists in the field have compassion for the victims of these tragic stories, their bosses at the networks treat the news as ratings-generating revenue sources. No ratings? Less coverage. It’s as simple as that.”

Baldwin, who worked at CNN for more than a decade, left the network last year.

“The conversation has already turned to politics, as some pundits urge a focus on mental health and others on guns,” Baldwin wrote.

“Some journalists will try to hold our elected representatives’ feet to the fire. A segment or two will go viral. Americans will share their outrage on social media. And then another story will break next week, and the news cycle will move on.”

2 comments on Former CNN Anchor: Networks View Mass Shootings as ‘Revenue Sources’

  1. Angela Deao says:

    She’s exactly right. I have a psychology degree. It’s become a competition to broadcast the most carnage or disaster and then bonus points for who to put the blame on. The people who can change this don’t seem to want to.

    1. Truth Vaccine says:

      Hussein used these same tactics to steal guns from us on his first 2 terms and again in his third.
      We’re just exhausted with him in general.
      Your child is more likely to be hit by lightning or be groomed by WOKE terrorists than shot at school.

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