November 24, 2022

FBI “Very Concerned” Over Secret Chinese Operations in US

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FBI Director Christopher Wray told U.S. senators that he’s “very concerned” about the Chinese government reportedly operating secret “police stations” in American cities, saying it followed a “clear pattern” of China “exporting their repression.”

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) asked Wray about the situation during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on Thursday.

“It’s been reported that the Chinese Communist Party is operating police stations in the United States in an effort to surveil Chinese dissidents,” Scott said to Wray.

“Seems obvious the U.S. shouldn’t allow its most significant geopolitical rival, an oppressive Communist regime, to establish police stations in the U.S.,” the senator added. “What authority or jurisdiction does the CCP have in the U.S.?” 

“I’m very concerned about this,” Wray responded. “We are aware of the existence of these stations.”

Safeguard Defenders, a human rights organization based in Spain, published a report in September that revealed China has set up dozens of “overseas police service stations” across the globe — including New York.

During the senate committee hearing, Wray said it would be “outrageous” for Chinese police to “set up shop” in New York “without proper coordination.”

“It violates sovereignty and circumvents standard judicial and law enforcement cooperation processes,” he added.

China has denied the allegations of maintaining overseas police stations. However, Wray said there have been multiple indictments stemming from the Chinese government “engaging in uncoordinated law, quote unquote, law enforcement action, right here in the United States, harassing, stalking, surveilling, blackmailing people who they just don’t like or who disagree with the Xi regime.”

“It’s a real problem,” Wray said, noting that China has engaged in such activities in other countries besides the U.S.

When asked whether China was spying on U.S. citizens, Wray said China has hired U.S.-based private investigators to conduct some of this work. 

“We’ve had situations where they’ve planted bugs inside Americans’ cars,” Wray added.

Wray said it’s important for U.S. citizens to call the FBI and report if they think they’ve been targeted by the Chinese government.

Sources: Reuters | Safeguard Defenders

6 comments on FBI “Very Concerned” Over Secret Chinese Operations in US

  1. Lisa says:

    amazing, he has no answer about how they will get rid of them

    1. Timothy says:

      just a puff piece to make you believe these traitors are doing the job, you are FORCED to pay them for. They ain’t

  2. David says:

    Our government has been bought and paid for, by the Chinese Government! This power play has been perpetrated by American politicians to line their pockets, on both sides of the spectrum. How moronic is it to borrow money from China, to send billions and trillions of this borrowed money to other Countries (for whatever reasons)? America politicians are selling our access to our resources and land for the almighty dollars with no restrictions or follow through investigational authority. The FBI has been focused on getting Trump and seems surprised about these China police stations cropping up everywhere.

    There is so much more American Politicians have concocted behind closed doors, that ” We The People,” have no earthly idea of the mess these politicians have signed us on the dotted line for.

    Talk about rags to riches story, every politician has gone from a sustainable life-style to the life-style of the Rich and Famous, upon entry to their political position.

    I pray for America and “We The People,” may GOD save us all!

    1. David, You are so right and Biden and family sold the USA to them. So EVIL!
      God Bless America, that we can help him save his world.

      1. Tim says:

        GOD doesn’t need our help. We need His. Sadly, backbones and real “men” are in short supply.

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