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January 1, Elizabeth Warren Targeted at Dem Debate



This Day in History | 1923

The Walt Disney and his brother Roy start the Disney Brother’s Cartoon studio in Hollywood California. 

We’ve been talking about the new Democratic frontrunner for a couple of weeks now. The first signs showed up in Iowa when poll numbers had Massachusetts  Sen. Elizabeth Warren on top of former V.P. Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Then, the polls in New Hampshire showed the same thing, then nationally.  Tuesday night was Warren’s first time on the debate stage as the frontrunner.  And it showed. She weathered most of the attacks, but she failed to explain how she would pay for her healthcare plan.

As For Biden, he finally found his footing when it comes to his defense of his and his son’s connections to shady business deals in Ukraine and China. Problem is, it’s too late. And campaign finance reports now show Biden actually spent more than he raised in the last quarter. Never a good sign. 

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to slow-walk her sprawling impeachment probe. She announced yesterday that the House may not take a formal vote to officially begin – what would be a legitimate Constitutional version of impeachment.  This, while everyone at the White House (including Vice President Mike Pence) is refusing to comply with Congressional subpoenas. 

In Los Angeles, things are not going well for Lakers star LaBron James. He keeps pouring water on a grease fire. His attempts yesterday to extinguish the NBA’s growing controversy over China, free speech, and American Values didn’t go well.  But at least King James is not waking up in a prison cell, like Desperate Housewives actress Felicity Huffman. Huffman started her 14 day sentence for her role in that college admissions scheme perpetuated by people like Huffman as well as Full House actress Lorie Loughlin. 

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-Fraser Dixon

At Debate, Biden Insists He, Son Did Nothing Wrong

(Politico) – Joe Biden defended his son’s decision to join the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company while he was vice president, saying both he and his son “did nothing wrong.”

“My son did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong,” Biden said on the Democratic debate stage on Tuesday when asked about his son’s business dealings. “I carried out the policy of the United States in rooting out corruption in Ukraine.”

Watch Biden’s defense here

Candidates Take on New Frontrunner Warren

(CNBC) – Sen. Elizabeth Warren has reached the top of the Democratic pack, and now she has the scars to prove it.

The Massachusetts senator weathered attacks throughout the fourth Democratic debate, which was held Tuesday night in Ohio. It was the first such event since Warren started beating former Vice President Joe Biden in several national polls.

See the highlights here

House Won’t Vote to Formalize Impeachment Probe

(Fox News) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced after meeting with the House Democratic caucus on Tuesday that there will be no vote — at least for now — on the launch of formal impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

“There’s no requirement that we have a vote, and so at this time we will not be having a vote,” Pelosi said. “We’re not here to call bluffs — we’re here to find the truth, to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This is not a game for us. This is deadly serious.”

Read more from Fox News

LeBron James Gets Roasted Over China Remarks

(Reason) – LeBron James called President Trump a “bum,” so you know he believes in free speech for himself. And based on what he said about Martin Luther King Jr. in 2018, I suspect he believes in it for other people, too. Those values are now running into the economic realities of doing business in a country where free speech is prohibited

Here’s a great read from Reason on LaBron and China

Felicity Huffman Reports to Jail in Cheating Scam

(NPR) – The 56-year old star of Desperate Housewives surrendered herself to authorities at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Calif., about 35 miles east of San Francisco. She entered the facility earlier than her court-ordered date of October 25. 

Read more from NPR here

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