May 1, 2022

DOJ Files $2.9M Lawsuit Against Paul Manafort

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    The Justice Department is suing former President Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort over allegedly failing to report interest in foreign bank accounts.

    The DOJ’s lawsuit seeks more than $2.9 million from Manafort to cover fines and interest for his “willful failure to timely report his financial interest in foreign bank accounts” during 2013 and 2014, according to the complaint.

    Manafort is accused of failing to report income from Ukraine that was deposited into 22 different offshore accounts, according to the complaint. The accounts weren’t in Manafort’s name, but the lawsuit alleges that they were opened or operated by individuals working on his behalf.

    “Today’s civil lawsuit seeks a money judgment against Mr. Manafort for simply failing to file a tax form,” Jeff Neiman, Manafort’s lawyer, said. “Nonetheless, the Government insisted on filing this suit simply to embarrass Mr. Manafort.”


    DOJ sues former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort over offshore accounts

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Truth Vaccine

Gains from the Ukraine?
You better go after the Hussein/Biden administration, everyone related to Clinton, Pelosi, Shciff, etc..
Please don’t destroy all of the evidence while you drain the Western politicians and Globalist corrupted Ukrainian Swamp, Mr. Putin.


You need extricating

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