January 6, 2022

CDC Causes Confusion After Updating COVID Isolation Guidelines — Again

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its COVID-19 isolation guidelines again, a change that was largely met with incredulity by many Americans who found it “confusing and nonsensical.”

The CDC now says that if someone in an isolation period wants to take a rapid test after five days, they can. However, the CDC doesn’t advise taking a rapid test. But, if someone does decide to take the test and the results come back positive, they should stay in isolation for 10 days total.

If the test comes back negative, people may leave isolation but should wear a mask around others until day 10.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins noted the CDC’s change in a series of tweets, which quickly garnered attention and criticism.

“The CDC has updated its isolation guidance. They still don’t recommend a rapid test after 5 days, but say if you take one and it’s positive, isolated people should continue isolating for 5 more days. Those who leave isolation are urged not to fly on planes or eat in restaurants,” Collins tweeted.

“The updated guidance advising people to stay isolated until day 10 if they have a positive rapid test after five days in isolation appears to contradict Dr. Walensky’s claim to CNN last week that ‘we wouldn’t change our guidance based on the result of the rapid test,'” Collins added.

“If you thought the previous isolation guidance was insufficiently confusing and nonsensical, you’ll *love* the updated isolation guidance,” virologist Angela Rasmussen tweeted.

“We don’t recommend you take a test. They’re hard to find, and they can be expensive. Oh, and the result can only make your life harder, not easier. But maybe take one if it’s possible?” wrote Aaron Carrol, Chief Health Officer at Indiana University.


CDC sparks outrage with ‘confusing’ updated COVID isolation guidance: ‘Seriously?’

9 comments on CDC Causes Confusion After Updating COVID Isolation Guidelines — Again

  1. TPS says:

    When you have no clue, you just keep saying stuff that makes no sense. Thank you cdc!

    1. Bcel says:

      There is a method to their madness! And the whole world follows right along, how pathetic.

  2. Patrick says:

    So, does the vaccine prevent the spread of Covid-19 and all the variants? Or can it still be spread from those who have taken the vaccine? And…can the vaccine spread from non-vaxed persons to those who are vaxed?…or from Vaxed people to non-vaxed? Does the vaccine and all the boosters prevent that person from contracting the virus?
    How many people have died from taking the vaccine in the United States? I personally know of 3.

    1. K.A. Johnson says:

      Hi Patrick!
      Well, as two senior citizens – fully vaxxed and boostered in PA. can report….We’ve had all our 3 Moderna shots and we STILL both got COVID during the Christmas Day celebration with our entirely vaxxed family! (Only the 9 year old triplets were not vaccinated!) PCR testing proven positive after gettting mild sore throats two days later!
      So does this make my wife and I “break-through” cases of COVID? Does this mean the 3 shots we each got haven’t worked? I sure don’t know. I’m banking my recovery on the fact that after 5 days on antibiotics, a steroid and a bronchial inhaler I’m starting to feel better. I”m still very much out of breath, but I’m not getting any worse.
      Best thing that happened was that my wife had exactly 4 hours of a mild sore throat and then nothing else! So one partner can get knocked on his butt – but the brains of this outfit stayed at the helm! I guess that’s OK with me!
      Stay well PAtrick

  3. Darrin says:

    The blind leading the blind! Two shots didn’t work! Boaster doesn’t work! Masks don’t work! Wait! Masks protect us! Or not, maybe we need a fourth shot that won’t work either! And maybe we’ll do in vitro vaccinations…
    When are people going to rise up and say No Fucking more!!!!!

  4. Norman Scott says:

    The Bible says there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. The CDC have many counselors, but short on wisdom

  5. Nick says:

    The corrupt CDC which is a private Company has just one policy “IF YOU CANNOT CONVINCE THEM CONFUSE THEM” they are a corrupt arm of the Biden group of thugs and will like the Teachers UNION push any narrative that suits the Democrat party! They should both be deleted and the more their corruption spreads the more we all know about it. We must win the midterms and abolish the TEACHERS UNION and its corrupting CRT teachings, and disband the CDC which has nothing to do with health only backing POLITICAL Tyranny !

  6. Dan says:

    This article says that rapid tests are hard to find. I live in one of Europe’s poorest countries (Romania) and we have an ample supply of rapid tests. Every child attending school receives two per week that they must use and send the results to their teachers. At work places they are easily available and cost about $3 if needed to be purchased. My question is why are they so difficult to find in America?

  7. K.A. Johnson says:

    Morning Folks!
    I’ve read everyone’s comments and I’m reminded of a W.C. Fields quote that perfectly fits almost all of the CDC and the Biden Administrations handling of this COVID fiasco.
    W.C. Fields said….”If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance – baffle them with bullshit!”
    PRICELESS – right?

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