December 8, 2021

Breaking: Judge Halts Biden’s Nationwide Vaccine Mandate

A federal judge temporarily halted the Biden administration’s nationwide coronavirus vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

U.S. District Judge R. Stan Baker issued his decision in a 28-page ruling.

“The Court acknowledges the tragic toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought throughout the nation and the globe,” Baker wrote. “However, even in times of crisis this Court must preserve the rule of law and ensure that all branches of government act within the bounds of their constitutionally granted authorities.”

Baker’s ruling blocks the mandate pending further legal proceedings. He said the challengers of President Joe Biden’s order are likely to be successful in claiming that the commander-in-chief exceeded his authority.


Judge halts Biden vaccine mandate for federal contractors nationwide

One comment on “Breaking: Judge Halts Biden’s Nationwide Vaccine Mandate

  1. Charlotte Watkins says:

    Why is ditsy Biden still the President of this country? He’s a disgrace and should be removed. The demo rats should be ashamed. They either have to lie, insight FEARMONGUERING, cheat or steal to get anything done. And they do 100% of the time. Bidden is a prime example. He has absolutely NO BUSINESS BEING A PRESIDENT OF ANYTHING LET ALONE THE USA. IT’S A COVER FOR BEHIND THE SCENES TROLLS TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR THEIR LAME TYRANNY.

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