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January 1, Billionaires Musk and Bezos Battle For Moon Contract



Good day, Americans,

After NASA awarded Elon Musk’s SpaceX a multi-billion-dollar contract to fly US astronauts to the Moon, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin filed a protest shortly after. Musk responded by trolling the Amazon founder on Twitter, posting Bezos “Can’t get it up (to orbit) lol.” And so the battle of the billionaires begin.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden will deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress. The Capitol was put on high alert to ensure that the Jan. 6 attack will not repeat itself. Attendance will be limited due to COVID-19 precautions, of course, but security plays a major role as well.

The reporter who wrote the Kamala Harris article that incorrectly claimed that copies of the Vice President’s book were being included in “welcome kits” given to migrant children has resigne from The New York Post. Laura Italiano revealed on Twitter that she resigned because the newspaper ordered her to write the incorrect story.

A new study reveals that loneliness can cause cancer. According to the Finnish study, lonely middle age men who are single, have a higher risk of developing cancer than those who have partners. In 2018, a separate study suggests social isolation can raise the risk of a heart attack, a stroke and premature death. Be healthy, be happy guys.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s term as head of state could be coming to an end as he may face a recall election. The recall petition has gathered 1.63 million signatures, more than the 1.496 million threshold. Caitlyn Jenner entered the race as a Republican while actor Randy Quaid said he’s “seriously considering” running for the post.

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says his “very good friend” Caitlyn Jenner has chance to beat Newsom. The Terminator actor was the state’s governor from 2003 to 2011 and was the last Republican to hold the post. “Just about everyone that is thinking about running has called me,” he said in a Jimmy Kimmel interview.

Enjoy your day safely,

Fraser Dixon


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