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January 1, Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets in Swing-State



Last November, President Joe Biden became the first Democratic nominee to claim victory in Arizona since 1996. Now, his approval rating is plummeting in The Grand Canyon State.

A new poll from Arizona’s OH Predictive Insights shows Biden’s approval rating at 42%. Among independent voters, his approval sits at 35%. Overall, 55% of voters said they disapprove of Biden’s job as president.

“It isn’t surprising that Biden’s approval ratings among Democrats and Republicans are contrary of each other,” said Mike Noble, OH Predictive Insights chief of research.

“However, independents in a key battleground state rescinding their approval of the president is worth paying attention to if Biden is looking to improve his numbers in Arizona,” Noble added.

Given that Biden only defeated former President Donald Trump by 11,000 votes in the state, any dip in approval is cause for concern.

According to the data, Trump’s not fairing any better in the state. His favorability rating currently stands at negative 12% overall and negative 26% among independent voters.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • While Biden’s job approval rating among Democrats is solid overall, there is a disparity in different age groups. Democrats 18–54 give the president a 77% job approval rating; those age 55 and up give him a 92% rating.
  • 41% of suburban women approve of Biden. His approval among “parents of minor children” is marginally better, at 45%.
  • Biden’s approval rating on key issues is underwater. The commander-in-chief registered a negative 31% on immigration, negative 14% on the economy, negative 17% on foreign policy, negative 4% on the environment, and negative 2% on the pandemic.


Biden’s job approval plummets in swing-state Arizona

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