January 11, 2022

Biden Family Associate Charged with Treason


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Kazakhstan’s former intelligence chief Karim Massimov, who Hunter Biden once described as his “close friend,” was arrested on suspicion of high treason.

Kazakh authorities arrested Massimov on Thursday, just one day after being fired from his post as chairman of the Kazakhstan National Security Committee. Massimov’s arrest came amid violent protests, where more than 160 demonstrators have been killed and roughly 8,000 others injured.

According to the Daily Mail, a photo surfaced showing Joe and Hunter Biden meeting with Massimov and Kenes Rakishev, Hunter’s alleged business partner. Records from Hunter Biden’s laptop indicate that he maintained a close business relationship with Massimov during his second turn as Kazakhstan’s prime minister (from 2014-2016). During this time, Hunter Biden served on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

“The pair met up in Kazakhstan sometime in 2014 to discuss a potential energy deal, emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop reveal. Hunter allegedly skipped out on his Secret Service detail for the private get-together,” the outlet reported. “It was in 2016 that the president’s son called Massimov a ‘close friend.'”

An announcement from the security committee said Massimov and several other officials were detained but gave no further details.


Kazakhstan intelligence chief who was Hunter Biden’s ‘close friend’ and posed with him and Joe is charged with treason during protests that have seen 160 killed and 8,000 arrested

59 comments on Biden Family Associate Charged with Treason

  1. Nick Newton says:

    What is the old story “birds of a feather always flock together” shows the exact colours of bidens feathers I think! May the same fate catch up here!

    1. szq says:

      I second that!

    2. LWF says:

      How about, “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are!”

    3. Andy says:

      It’s a real shame Brandon wasn’t under oath when he said he never talked to his son about his business dealings

      1. Bill Blair says:

        “Under oath” wouldn’t have made a bit of difference. If his mouth is open, he’s lying!

        1. Randall says:

          AMEN TO THAT!!
          We have a whole flock of treasonous liars running our country.
          God is going to bring them down!

      2. mrp says:

        They could still put him under oath and ask that again.But because he’s a Dem he’ll get away with it. Just finished reading “Laptop from Hell” and the Biden ties to China, Russia, Ukraine etc are blatant yet the Dems go after President Trump for a hoax called Russia collusion and trying to get to the truth about Biden crimes. And now it’s about Jan 6 “insurrection” with no proof of President Trump involvement; rather insider trader was responsible and set him up to prevent him from running in 2024.

        1. Robert L widhalm says:

          anything the dems accuse the repubs of doing is exactly what they have been doing for a long long time

    4. Epps will be Epsteined says:

      Damn near every democrat in congress along with the entire Biden family should be charged with high Treason.

      1. gunnygil says:

        Actually every Democrat official and every Democrat voter are ALL traitors and sons and daughters of Satan himself The last true American Democrat was Zell Miller.

      2. linda says:


    5. ward says:

      How much more proof of vote fraud is needed when biden, bo treason is transparent fact !

    6. Russell says:

      Just revealed China wanted the US to remove Bagrahm air base as it was close to China’s nuclear facilities over the border. So maybe that’s why Joe had it turned over to the Taliban. I believe this was revealed on a Tucker Carlson show.

    7. Mountain man says:

      I used to think as a kid about one day visiting the White House..I no longer wish to do that I don’t think I could stand the stink..I noticed that Trump didn’t care for the smell either he stayed in Florida

  2. Janie Falgout says:

    The Biden crime family. Of course, dementia Joe knows nothing as usual

    1. Nonips says:

      The whole biden administration needs arrested for Treason, Terrorist, and crimes against American Citizens, and the Traitors they have allowed to ruin America

      1. JezMyOpinion says:

        But just look at all the good the Taliban is going to do with the $308 million Biden is sending them. #JoeMustGo

      2. Gary says:

        Go Brandon

    2. ConservativeOne says:

      POTUS46 probably knew, but if he testifies can likely honestly state, “I don’t remember!”

      1. Hell that won’t be the only thing he won’t remember. Either he is just play acting or is crazy. GO BRANDON.

    3. John R Bloxson says:

      Biden just another Demkcrat/DemoCOMMUNIST Traitor who has solld us down the river on too numerous occasions fime to certify the Democrat/DemoCOMMUNIST Party of Amerika as the Traitors they [email protected]

  3. Inez O’Brien says:

    I agree and second that. The Biden’s are a disgrace. Cannot believe this idiot is president of this country.

    1. mike grunewald says:

      It only shows the STUPIDITY of the voters

  4. Mel says:

    It’ll never be in the New York Slimes or The Washington Compost! Spread it around. Of course a few million illegals will be voting in 5 years or so and they’ll show Joe plenty of love by voting his party, while he watches cartoons in a funny farm!

  5. Joe says:

    It is time to arrest the hidenbiden cartel family for their pay to play schemes, it is all there in plain site.

    1. Daniel J Rourke says:

      Hypocrisy on steroids as had this been a republican doing this the news coverage would be 24/7 and Joe is on TV saying if they don’t fire the prosecutor holding up Hunter’s deal w/Burisma Ukraine won’t get money the US had pledged ! and nothing was done yet they they held the first phony impeachment with a whistleblower who turned out to be a friend of the Pelosi family and all Trump did was question Ukraine’s deals.

      1. Russell says:

        Right and got impeached for it. Can you even believe the hypocrisy that gets thrown right in our face?

  6. Lawrence M. Crisman says:

    Kazakhstan in a brutal dictatorship against all democratic freedoms. Massimov is under arrest, probably because he is against the regime or plotting against a government that killed over 1,000 citizens. If Biden was a friend or at least supporting that position, against this dictator ship, I say well done. we don’t know the facts nor should people make stupid comments about things in their imaginations. Be willing to change your mind when confronted with facts or remain ignorant. It is everyone’s choice in this so far free country.

    1. Robert Glade says:

      You have obviously chosen to remain ignorant..

    2. Gary Brown says:

      Will you be willing to change your mind, if the truth comes out that Biden is corrupt? Oh, sorry, I forgot you’re a liberal. Wear blinders, and deny, deny, deny. OR there is also the strategy of calling people names, like “stupid”, and it’s all in your “imagination”. Of course there will be no punishment; and there will be a coverup. If Hillary isn’t in jail, Congress won’t indite ANYONE.99.9% of Washington today are corrupt.

  7. TPS says:

    msm will cover for old joe, it’s what they do as honest, truthful, unbiased cheer leaders!

  8. Patriot says:

    So far its been one year into the Biden disaster and he’s committed more high crimes and misdemeanors to be impeached ten times over.

  9. Patriot says:


  10. CPO Bill says:

    Surely a biden wouldn’t associate with a bad person!!

  11. Nicolas P Cignetti says:

    The Hunter computer has been verified to be his and it sits idle with tons of evidence proving the corruption of Hunter and his father. So much for a Justice [email protected]!!!!!

  12. Woody Baker says:

    As usual, NOTHING is going to happen over all of these illegal things because the Dems all know that they can lie, cheat & steal & there are no consequences to pay, so they just continue to do whatever the hell they want to do!!

  13. ox says:

    One could only hope that Hunter and Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe will be next.

  14. bob says:

    The biden family should keep him company,wishfull thinking.

    1. bob says:

      Me thinks my comment will end up in the round file under the desk of??

  15. rottenrollin says:

    Let me know when Joe and Hunter are charged with treason.

    1. ConservativeOne says:

      As the poet of Avon stated, ” To be, or not to be, that is the question.”

      I’m hoping that it’s a “To be,” and sooner rather then later! Hold steady!

  16. Huey6367 says:

    Let’s see … the Clintons, Obama, Biden family, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters … are there any Democrats out there that won’t destroy this country for personal gain?

    1. Psjlt says:


  17. Curt says:

    It’s your sworn duty to stand up to dictators foreign and trump-mestic… I am sure you can do better but as long as trash propaganda like this that is pretending to represent something that is supposed to be “fair and honest”, well the shit hole keeps growing… Let’s face it we survived trump, although he did everything in his power so we wouldn’t… We will survive Joe and his corporatist friends here and across the ponds …

    1. Greg K Syslo says:

      Curt, what rock have you been under? You would bash Trump, who served honorably as President for (x4) years while donating his entire salary and managed to a litany of successful accomplishments despite constant harassment from Democrats and “mainstream Media outlets. Biden and his administration have not managed to do anything right, and most things they have tried to do have been a complete disaster. I will give you just a few examples of Biden’s failures off of the top of my head: The crisis at the Southern Border, canceling the XL pipeline, allowing the Russian pipeline, Hunters lying on his background check and his lost gun, Hunters selling “artwork”, failed handling of the pandemic, allowing Patriot Act to be used against American citizens, Afghanistan troop withdrawal, Antifa/BLM riots, inflation, J6 detainees, the ongoing crime wave, unconstitutional vaccine mandates, allowing social platform censorship and a host of other disasters. What exactly did Trump do that you feel would classify him as a dictator? Why don’t you judge Biden as harshly, when he has acted more like a dictator? I take offense to your ignorant comment, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. Gary Brown says:

        Greg, Curt is a liberal; you might as well be talking to the rock he lives under. Common sense and logic don’t exist in his world. Probably watches lying CNN & MSNBC religiously.

      2. linda says:


  18. Herrmann J Glockler says:

    It is the Mainstream Media, lead by the Wa Po, the NYT on the paper side, and almost every electronic / video media, except FOX news, (and even Fox seems to be joining the rest of the TV media), supporting the left wing policies of the Donkey Party.

  19. kirk harlen says:

    not surpried

  20. Tom says:

    As long as the GOP is led by an endless succession of RINOs and sell-outs nothing will come from any of this other than more destruction of the US. Just look at the 1/6 Committee and comments from former presidents who claim 1/6 was as bad as 9/11.

  21. Phillyp says:

    Burisma is an oil exploration and production co. with offices in Del. For a period of time Hunter Biden served on its board of directors. It’s possible that the meeting with officials of Kazakhstan a country with a large oil industry, had to do with selling them Burisma’s services. The wisdom of the President-to-be and his son to become involved with this business of some ill repute is admittedly questionable, as is the cozying up to dictatorial despotic scumbags. Currently the nation is wracked by protests and riots by its citizens who are protesting corruption and a steep increase in gas prices. The government has responded with a violent crackdown and has reported that dozens of protesters have been “liquidated.” Vladimir Putin has sent soldiers to help the police quell the unrest all with orders to shoot to kill. Hence a nation, already an authoritarian dictatorship becomes a fascist police state. Massimov has been arrested for treason. Maybe he is or maybe he’s a political scapegoat. We may never know.

  22. Bill Blair says:

    I was a Republican – now an Independent – and love Jim Jordan. But Republicans aren’t going to do shit! If they were, they would have done something – anything! – some time ago!

    1. Gary Brown says:

      Most of the politicians in office today have their own dirty laundry to hide, and don’t want it exposed. THAT is why they do nothing. Activist liberal judges don’t help either. I do agree Jim Jordon is one of the good guys. I always liked Trey Gowdy too. Unfortunately, he quit, because he’s as sick of Washington BS as we are.

  23. Raymond Sawicki says:

    Ask the NYT about their Moscow Bureau Chief in 1922 Walter Duranty

  24. George Acker says:

    Hopefully when our next president takes office and when the house and senate are controlled by people who love America will send those illegals back where they came from. this president is an incompetent boob that belongs in a dementia home with his wife by his side.

  25. JOE says:

    Follow the U.S. Taxpayer money !

  26. Esther Swords says:

    Impeach, ASAP!

  27. ox says:

    Besides never, when are they going to get around with charging Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe and Hunter and the Clinton’s with treason?

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