January 13, 2022

Biden Bristles at Reporter: ‘I’m Insulted You Asked the Question’

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Biden Bristles at Reporter: ‘I’m Insulted You Asked the Question’

President Joe Biden was “insulted” by a reporter asking how he felt about former Rep. Stacey Abrams (D-GA) “skipping” his speech on voting rights in her home state.

“Any thoughts on Stacey Abrams skipping your speech today, sir? Are you insulted she’s skipping your speech?” a reporter asked Biden before he departed for Georgia.

“I’m insulted you asked the question,” Biden said before smiling. “I spoke to Stacey this morning. We have a great relationship. We got our scheduling mixed up. I talked to her at length this morning. We’re all on the same page, and everything’s fine.”

Abrams, a Georgia gubernatorial candidate for 2022, has made voting rights a key issue of her platform, so many viewed her absence as pointed.

“This is an event custom-made for Stacy Abrams, she obviously doesn’t want to be on the same stage as Joe Biden,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said on Morning Joe.


Biden tells reporter he’s ‘insulted’ at idea he felt burned by Stacey Abrams skipping GA voting speech

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