March 13, 2022

27K Ballots Flagged For Rejection

In Texas, more than 27,000 mail-in ballots were flagged for rejection in the state’s primary elections earlier this month.

Roughly 17% of mail-in ballots in Texas were initially rejected, according to the Associated Press, who analyzed the data of 120 counties in the Lone Star state.

The analysis suggests that the amount of rejected votes in Texas this year will surpass previous elections by a wide margin. Last year, roughly 8,300 mail-in ballots were rejected in the state.

However, the final number rejected mail ballots from this year’s primaries will be lower than currently on record, as voters were given until Monday to “fix” theirs.

Most of the flagged ballots didn’t have identification that matched what Texas had on file. State law requires that mail-in voters provide a Texas driver’s license number, a Texas ID number or the last four digits of their Social Security number — which must match the number in their voter registration file.


Texas flagged 27,000 mail ballots for rejection in primary


6 comments on 27K Ballots Flagged For Rejection

  1. Darrell Watson says:

    I am encouraged to read of some states who are “catching” this type of election fraud, and other types, but I am very concerned that the Republican Party WILL exhibit courage and aggressive behavior in “preventing” all types of election fraud in the upcoming November, 2022, primaries. Of what value are honest and competent GOP candidates, if elections are not honest 100%!!!

  2. The DemocRat will do a better job of the Fraud in the next Election This was just a trial run.
    They’ll have better information next time They have months to get it!!

  3. vj siegel says:

    In the Wmsport Sun Gazette, there was an article about a Lycoming County person who voted in New York and Pennsylvania on election day in 2021.. If this does not give you cause for alarm, you are not paying attention. You say.only one person. I say, so far, only 1 peron has been caught.

  4. R. Stewart says:

    Mailing in a driver’s license number, a Texas ID number, OR the last four digits of a Social Security number on file seems like an easy requirement to get around – I wonder if Texas checks for duplications on mail-in ballots. However, I appaud Texas for at least making an effort to ihsure the vote is honest and accurate.

  5. Terry A Baker says:

    Don’t mess with Texas!!

  6. Terry A Baker says:

    Don’t mess with Texas voting laws. Outstanding work!!

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