December 18, 2021

103 Marines Kicked Out of Service for Refusing Vaccination

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on 103 Marines Kicked Out of Service for Refusing Vaccination

The Marine Corps booted 103 service members for refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine.

The news comes the same day the Army announced it let go of six leaders — including two commanding officers — for the same reason.

“Vaccinating our soldiers against COVID-19 is first and foremost about Army readiness,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said in a statement.

“To those who continue to refuse the vaccine and are not pending a final decision on a medical or administrative exemption, I strongly encourage you to get the vaccine. If not, we will begin involuntary separation proceedings.”

So far, the Marine Corps has approved 1,007 exemptions from the vaccine mandate, with over 3,100 requests for religious accommodation in the works.

The involuntarily separated Marines are receiving honorable discharges, preventing them from losing post-military benefits.

The majority of each service has been inoculated. The Army and Navy are at roughly 98%, while the Air Force stands at 97.5%, and the Marine Corps at 95%.

Earlier this week, the Navy issued an order to its leadership to start the process of separating 5,731 active-duty unvaccinated service members. Additionally, the Air Force announced it was kicking out 27 airmen.


103 Marines kicked out of service for refusing to get COVID vaccine

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