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January 1, SNL Mocks, Vegas Fights: De-Banking, De-Platforming, and the Parallel Economy



In a recent episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Colin Jost, the host of Weekend Update, took a jab at Donald Trump’s vow to combat “de-banking.” Jost, amid the laughter of his audience, admitted, “I don’t know what the hell de-bank means.”

While this may be a source of amusement for some, for an increasing number of Americans who lack the privilege of a Harvard education or a Hollywood marriage like Jost, de-banking and de-platforming are turning into a grim reality. However, a beacon of hope is emerging from Las Vegas, where a new event is being organized to support those individuals and companies who are being silenced.

This strategy of de-banking is a tool wielded by the elites to suppress law-abiding citizens who dare to voice dissenting or unconventional views. One day, you find yourself barred from using standard banking services, accepting credit card payments, hosting a website, or even emailing your subscribers. This tactic was exploited during the lockdowns to silence anyone who dared to question the prevailing narrative.

Thankfully, there are individuals and companies stepping up to counteract this trend. David Ragsdale is one such individual, who is passionately rallying against this digital despotism. A lifelong resident of Los Angeles, he has been actively involved in organizing the “Defeat the Mandate” rallies across the nation. However, for the act of peaceful assembly, the organization was promptly de-platformed.

Ragsdale shared his experiences with me, shedding light on the censorship he faced and his plan to combat it. “When we were doing Defeat the Mandate, we got de-platformed from a lot of [business-to-business] services and our payment processors. We would join MailChimp and immediately get kicked off. You need these services to produce events,” he explained.

He further added, “It was really scary because we had a permit from the Biden administration to do our Lincoln Memorial rally, but we can’t use Stripe?”

This incident catapulted the organization into what is now referred to as the parallel economy. Here, political refugees are compelled to navigate survival outside the realm of traditional financial institutions like banks and credit cards, which most people take for granted.

In this state of exile, Ragsdale realized the need for a platform where companies and individuals could come together and assist each other. This led to the creation of RePlatform, a conference scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from March 8-10. The event aims to bring together a diverse group of innovators, including inventors, financial institutions, payment networks, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and creators, to devise practical solutions to tackle the issues of inefficiency, stagnation, and censorship in corporate America.

The conference seeks to attract a wide array of citizens ranging from social conservatives, awakened progressives, and people of faith to classical liberals, libertarians, and populists, with the goal of dismantling the nationwide mandate system.

“I hope that all these really solid people I’m bringing together will spark some magic of innovation,” Ragsdale expressed. He believes that while it’s easy to discuss this new wave of corporate censorship in articles or tweets, it’s far more challenging to establish viable companies that offer alternatives. By bringing together startups, companies, consumers, and investors, he hopes to lay the foundation for a robust industry.

A conference like RePlatform is crucial in today’s climate. Blaze News will be covering the event, and we eagerly anticipate reporting on the companies and individuals who are standing up for our right to voice our opinions. If you’re interested in learning more or attending the event, please visit the website.

Why It Matters (op-ed)

The de-banking and de-platforming phenomena sweeping our nation is an alarming trend that threatens the very foundations of free speech. Elites use these tactics to silence dissenting voices, creating an environment where only those who conform to their worldview can thrive.

Thankfully, events like RePlatform offer a glimmer of hope, providing a space for those who refuse to bow to this digital tyranny. By bringing together a diverse group of innovators and like-minded individuals, RePlatform aims to create practical solutions to combat corporate censorship and protect our fundamental rights. The fight for free speech is now more critical than ever, and we must support those who stand up against this oppressive trend.

As our loyal readers, we encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions on this issue. Let your voice be heard and join the discussion below.


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1 Comment

  1. CandygramForMongo

    February 27, 2024 at 9:20 am

    I don’t know any children that do know what de-banking means. He’s no different.

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