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January 1, Zipline employee sacrifices himself to save a woman’s life in a heroic act



In California, a man died after falling from a zipline in an act that a close friend described as a heroic act of selflessness.

According to a witness, Joaquin Romero was helping a woman get hooked on the “receiving” platform at the popular La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline when she started to slide out on the line. Romero, 34, could not stop her and grabbed onto her harness, causing both of them to slide out about a hundred feet above the ground.

Romero’s friend said he feared for the woman’s safety because of the weight, so he made the unbelievable decision to let go. The woman was not injured, and Romero fell about 70 feet and suffered multiple blunt force injuries.

He died two days after the incident at Sharp Memorial Hospital.


California man sacrifices himself in zip line fall in heroic attempt to save woman, friend says

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